Thursday, June 25, 2015


by Robin

One of my new girls (laying since May) has gotten very broody for about 10 days now.

So...... this happened.

 photo DSC_0075-1_2.jpg
 photo DSC_0081-1.jpg

And this...

 photo DSC_0088-1.jpg
 photo DSC_0082-1_1.jpg

And this.

 photo DSC_0083-1_1.jpg

 photo DSC_0091-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0077-1.jpg

I could have taken 20 of them.  One had feathery feet that I had to leave behind.

 photo DSC_0092-1_2.jpg

And then my boys helped me do this....

Sneak them in the back door.
 photo DSC_0094-1.jpg

And this.....

 photo DSC_0107-1_1.jpg

And then Margaret Louisa was happy again.

It was love at first sight.  It looks like she has adopted them as her own.

 photo DSC_0110-1_1.jpg


Thursday, June 11, 2015


by Robin

Where did the past 6 wks go?  We finished up school, made it through 2 performances of a play

 photo SkylarCarolineJump.jpg

and did more horse volunteer work to create a fundraising calendar.

I can tell you what else, a lot of it went into fishing & fun outdoor stuff.  Be sure to check out my to see all the fishing we've done!!

We did some boat fishing but also my eldest and I fished from land too because we found a spot where the flounder are running through.  Not huge but they're here and we're eating on them!

I made Flounder & grits.

 photo DSC_0015-1.jpg

Then, I made Lane Snapper & grits too.

 photo DSC_0018-1_3.jpg

That was more like last week.

This week, I filleted the fish we caught over the weekend and ate the smaller ones and froze back the King fish for a day when the smoker is going full force.

So yesterday, I was canning all the tomatoes I have been accumulating.  Of course, we've eating tomato & cucumber salad about every other day.  But, I wanted to can these before they turned bad.

 photo DSC_0271-1.jpg

Here is the final result.  2 quarts of paste tomatoes, 2 quarts of campari tomatoes and 1 quart of big &
campari tomatoes.

 photo DSC_0282-1_2.jpg

When I was done, we saw the weather reports that a big storm was headed our way.  I picked all the tomatoes I could get, plus okra, jalapenos and one bell pepper.  My shelf is filled again!!!!   We put up hens too.

 photo DSC_0283-1.jpg

And it came...
 photo DSC_0274-1_1.jpg

And came....
 photo DSC_0275-1.jpg

And came down until it made pools everywhere!
 photo DSC_0276-1.jpg

And lake-front property.
 photo DSC_0279-1.jpg

It was a crazy 3.5" of rain in about 45 minutes.  No damage from the winds, thankfully.

It cooled us down and brought out all the frogs last night.  My *real* pool was full of them.  We also had a sleep-over of teen boys at the house.  They had a pretty good time with trying to catch frogs. Our hunting chihuahua probably killed about 6 of them.    It was funny & disgusting all at the same time.

So, we know we're in for round 2 with the storms.  Today may just be a good book day.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

PROM - 4/28/15

by Robin

I cannot believe that I forgot to post these pictures up!

Our "Andrew" was nominated to represent the boys of the 9th grade.   I am so very proud of him for accepting the challenge to do a formal dance without a date and do a group dance with the rest of the prom court.

Here are the pictures, in no particular order.

 photo DSC_0100-1.jpg

Dressed for success!   Forbes 500 future entrepreneur.

 photo DSC_0100-1-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0103-1_1.jpg

Still waiting on the formal, professional pictures.  He picked out his own tux!  Yes, there is a blue vest under there!

 photo DSC_0123-1MkeSm.jpg

 photo DSC_0129-1MikeSm.jpg

He had the best time!  Men in Black!

 photo DSC_0116-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0113-1.jpg

He looks so handsome.  Do you think he could work for CIA one day??  LOL

 photo DSC_0107-1.jpg

I must have goofed on resizing that City Hall picture.

 photo DSC_0134-1-2.jpg

The coolest decorations!

City Hall and the stars!

 photo DSC_0145-1_2.jpg


by Robin

It has been such a long time since I posted my kids on here, I thought I'd give one small brag.  Ok, technically, it is a BIG brag.   I was busy Tuesday finishing up school with my youngest, Andrew, and Simon Peter was finished with college finals.  (Btw, he officially has his AA degree now!  Off to a big University next!)

So, they had a Father-Son-Friend day on the ocean and they came home with some nice meat for the freezer.  My hubby has vacation coming to him in a few more days and I can't wait to catch my own gag grouper.  :)

 photo DSC_0049-1MatGrpr.jpg

So, while life is just passing by, I didn't realize that my tomatoes were finally turning red! Awesome. There are so many green ones out there.  It's about time!

 photo DSC_0003-1_2.jpg

Back to Tuesday....  the big guys are fishing and my youngest needs gifts for his teachers on his last day of school.  What did I do??  I picked cucumbers!!

 photo DSC_0037-1_1.jpg

I've pickled until I have run out of jars!   We're down to eating cucumber salad with every meal.  ha ha.  And still, I picked 29 more cucumbers.  My fingers are to help me remember the ones I gave away earlier without a picture.  I had 2 with larva holes and had to cut them and one that stuck in the fence.  Had to rip it apart to get some parts out.  Our grand total to date is 137!!  More still to come.

Those are also dried Mayflower beans and cherry tomatoes.

 photo DSC_0038-1_2.jpg

Anyhow, we had 5 gift bags with 4 cucumbers each.  I cannot believe that some of the teachers were actually very happy to receive my veggies.

My veggies are not organic but they're close.  I used to do all the soapy/oily water but this year, so far, all I've needed was food-grade diatomacious earth. I coat my hands and then rub around the tomatoes or cucumbers.  I have sprinkled the leaves but found that I waste a lot and it comes off in the rain.  Mostly, I worry about protecting the fruit.

 photo DSC_0002-1_2.jpg

This was this morning's pick.  I love that every day is Christmas outside.  I'm always picking something.  I can usually eat okra about twice a week.  My family pretty much hates it unless it is fried but I love it sauteed with some fake butter, salt & pepper.  Four plants seems to be producing enough for me and occasionally, my family.  When I had a whole row, I was giving away okra.  I tried for that this year but it didn't work out with the strange drip-irrigation issue I had.  I think some holes were blocked. Also, my new Ameraucanas are laying now too.  I have blue & green eggs.

 photo DSC_0005-1_1.jpg

And so it begins with tomatoes on the shelf.  These are just the small sized ones.  I can't wait for the big ones and paste maters to ripen. It will be canning time soon.

 photo DSC_0006-1_2.jpg

Happy Gardening and make sure you raise your kids up right to love the Lord and the good things that He has given us.


Saturday, May 2, 2015


by Robin

Earlier, I have posted my Bread and Butter recipe and a modified dill recipe (non-hot) for you.  But, I picked another 32 cucumbers this week and pollinated another dozen the past 2 days.

 photo DSC_0163Cukes.jpg

Today's pic (5/2/15).  The missing cucumbers that dodged yesterday's picking.

 photo DSC_0164CukesOkraChToms.jpg

Well, I'm getting creative.  Afterall, I have a couple teenage boys in the house and I'm always concerned with providing all of us with healthy alternatives.

I was blessed with a dehydrator for my birthday and it was sitting there waiting on tomatoes.  Might as well learn how to use it this weekend!  Here it is loaded up with one experimental tray.

 photo DSC_0165DehyCukes.jpg

I have to say, I oversalted but these are VERY doable for treats.  This below picture was taken at the 2 hr point and I will try another one at the 3 hr point.   I'm thinking < 4 hrs drying time at 135 deg will make a perfect chip.

 photo DSC_0169CukeChips.jpg

Here are another picture I took over the week.

 photo DSC_0159SqZukesOkra.jpg

Also had a nice couple of zucchini to play with.  Used this recipe (below), but with regular flour and I fried them since I was also frying the okra.  Great vegan recipe!

Zucchini Fritters

Kudos to the recipe creator!!  You nailed it.  I will be making these throughout the summer.

 photo DSC_0160Zuke Fritters.jpg

Dilling more hamburger chips with fresh dill heads from the garden!  I didn't count the exact number that went into this but it produced 1 qt and 1 pt of hamburger dill chips.

 photo DSC_0166DillChips.jpg

Making Gherkins with these small-mid-sized cucumbers.  Basically about 4 in in size. A little big for a gherkin but it kills me to pull these < 3 inches.  These are sitting in boiled water until they cool.  Then you repeat the process a couple more times before you put salt on them.

 photo DSC_0167Gherkins.jpg

Making Gherkins is a multi-day process, which I am still trying to find a way to condense into a 2 or 3 day (max) process.

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

GARDEN UPDATE! - Photolog of the jungle

by Robin

I think there are about 36 photos from today's walk round the garden.  So many pretty things to photograph.  Every day, it keeps me busy with picking, pollinating, tying up, fertilizing and weeding.
I did not plant this sunflower.  I wanted sunflowers but never got around to buying new seeds.  A squirrel got in my plastic container and enjoyed the saved seeds.  I guess while he was out there, he pooped out a lot of seeds and now I have sunflowers in random places.  God works miracles.

 photo DSC_0253-1_1.jpg

Garden 2:  Tomatoes, okra, dill, cabbage, kale, beans (in back)
 photo DSC_0163-1_2.jpg

My tomatoes are over my head.
 photo DSC_0164-1_1.jpg

The cucumbers have left the fence and started attaching themselves to the screen.  This is a first.
 photo DSC_0167-1_2.jpg

Sweet bell peppers between the Roma tomatoes and cucumbers.  They're blooming.
 photo DSC_0165-1_1.jpg

I held my camera over my head and just took a random shot from above.  Believe it or not, it isn't that chaotic.  Just healthy & happy.
 photo DSC_0171-1_1.jpg

Same garden, other side.
 photo DSC_0177-1.jpg

Again, other side of Garden 2, near the front.  Black beans, kale and okra. (weeds too)
 photo DSC_0181-1_1.jpg

Cukes, pepper, tomatoes
 photo DSC_0178-1_1.jpg

Garden 1.  Broccoli gone to flowering, sunflower, zucchini, squash, pineapple, cherry tomatoes.
 photo DSC_0182-1_1.jpg

Front side of Garden 1.  You can see the climbing Mayflower beans (for drying).
 photo DSC_0184-1.jpg

Better shot?  I love a manicured lawn.
 photo DSC_0186-1.jpg

The bumpier the Mayflower bean, the better.  Labor intensive while shelling but worth it.
 photo DSC_0190-1.jpg

Okra.  Have harvested about a dozen so far and eating them as quick as I can harvest them.  I wanted more plants but it just didn't work out. 4 is good enough, I suppose.
 photo DSC_0196-1_1.jpg

My heart is happy.
 photo DSC_0189-1.jpg

Purple cabbage still going strong.
 photo DSC_0201-1.jpg

Okra bloom. Gorgeous. Part of the hibiscus family.
 photo DSC_0199-1_1.jpg

My first sweet bell pepper looks to be like a white one!!  Cool.
 photo DSC_0213-1_1.jpg

Campari tomatoes.  These are very tasty and stay on the smaller side.  Great for salads and making sundried tomatoes.

 photo DSC_0200-1_1.jpg

Ahhh, I digress.  My next sunflower about to open.
 photo DSC_0216-1.jpg

Back to tomatoes.  Cherry tomatoes are everywhere.  I even have some in the side lot from where the chickens replanted.
 photo DSC_0215-1_1.jpg

Cucumbers!  Record-breaking year and still going.  76 and counting.  I'm about to pick another batch over the weekend.
 photo DSC_0225-1_1.jpg

Big Mama paste tomatoes.  Like a Roma.  Gonna make sauce with these.

 photo DSC_0221-1_1.jpg

I think these are Compari again.
 photo DSC_0237-1_1.jpg

I have 6 female blooms on the window.  I will enjoy getting to watch them grow and see if they can hold up that weight with those tentacles.
 photo DSC_0227-1_1.jpg

Dill is going to bloom.  Gorgeous.  I plan on saving some of this seed.  I don't think I'm going to use the heads the next time I make dill pickles.  I did use the fern part though last week.
 photo DSC_0239-1.jpg

Green cabbage... needs rescuing from something.  Looks like it is eaten up by aphids too.
 photo DSC_0236-1_2.jpg

Big tomatoes, dill, okra, beans, dill.
 photo DSC_0163.jpg

Ok, changing gears here.  A few days ago, my hen laid a shell-less egg.  Very cool.  Soft, spongy, dry to the touch, but completely without shell and had an umbilical cord attached.  Another first.
 photo DSC_0159-1_1.jpg

Ok, but she's fine.  she laid this one today.  And you can see, we got our first blue egg two days ago. :)
 photo DSC_0162-1_1.jpg

It was Julia!  Congratulations honey. Caught her in the box laying a 2nd one today.
 photo DSC_0269-1.jpg

Still waiting on her sister Margaret (or Louisa, haven't decided yet) to lay her first one.
 photo DSC_0274-1.jpg

Seeking shade.  It was cool this morning but now it is HOT.
 photo DSC_0277-1.jpg

So hot that Harris has decided to sunbath.  Totally chilled out.
 photo DSC_0260-1.jpg

Her eyes were shut but then... she heard something.
 photo DSC_0262-1.jpg

Good feeling.... gone.  Wretched dogs.
 photo DSC_0265-1.jpg

Have a very blessed week.  Kids are heading into finals.  Many prayers are going up for them.