Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Praise ye the Lord, Praise God in his sanctuary: praise Him for his acts of power."

This is one of my favorite Psalms because it involves music being a great way to praise God. I come from a family of musicians and music lovers, so it would only be natural that this speaks to my soul. This chapter talks about praising God with trumpets, harps, stringed instruments, organs and cymbals. Then it finishes with "Let everything that have breath praise the Lord." I have so much to be thankful for.

It has been said that men are the head of the household, but let it be known that women are the heart of the home. We set the tone through our actions and reactions. Our love and mercy. Our intelligence and keen sense of shopping. (LOL) Even the Proverbs 31 woman was a sensible & shrewed business woman on top of devoting her life to her children and servents' needs. She was somebody her husband could be proud of........ trust and entrust.

For me, as I raise fishermen who hopefully will be one day called to be fishers of men, it is my pleasure to wake up each morning, praising God. Our home is our sanctuary. Our lives are a testament to His great changing powers. I want my kids to remember a Momma who had lots of joy in her life, dancing & singing in the kitchen. One whose strength was in the Lord.

We had a little fun this morning since it was Halloween. I had Simon Peter take pictures of me as I sang in the kitchen, making breakfast. I edited the photos to put the emphasis on praise on not myself. Click to enlarge and enjoy the color in the neon.

Be safe everyone & remember to praise the Lord,


Monday, October 29, 2007

John 15: 12 - 13

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

My long-time internet friend, Mickey from Omaha, sent a special package in the mail to us. I know she thinks it was late in getting here, but it wasn't. We needed encouragement today that God was listening to our prayers over the weekend. We serve an on-time God who's timing never ceases to amaze me.

This cross is so special to me because I'm sure that Mickey's Dad carved it with his own hands, just as he did the boys' cross necklaces.

While reading our history book, I looked up and saw another precious sight. It was worth a picture and I'm so glad the camera was right beside me from taking the picture of the cross. Our boxer, Jackson, really loves his boys. I do think he would lay down his life for them. Wherever we are, so is he. He loves to listen to me reading books aloud. He's one of the kids. If he had thumbs, I'm sure he would test somewhere in the 3rd grade. He is my best listener even though he has his back turned to me and sometimes snores.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

REBEL WITH A CAUSE by Franklin Graham

I started this book today. It is a MUST for mothers of sons, especially rebellious ones. I've only read a couple chapters but I can already tell you that I think so much of Ruth Graham. She raised 5 children alone for months at a time, with a traveling evangelist husband. She was strong. She was imaginative. She was faithful.
And this one....... he gave her fits. For example, she gave him a whole pack of cigarettes to turn him green and against smoking. Even after barfing six times, he finished the whole pack. He insists he would have smoked another pack since he was so rebellious.
Another funny story was that he loved to torment his three older sisters. One day, he refused to stop pestering them while in the car. While I don't advocate putting your child in the trunk, I have to admit that I found myself giggling and applauding her resolve to find a punishment just short of killing Franklin. There was nothing that he didn't find a challenge and adventure, including the trunk of his family car. Poor Ruth. She must have stayed on her knees a lot while raising this one.
I truly look forward to finishing this book.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I was reading my friend Andy's blog about his son having Math Amnesia. It's one thing many of us parents can relate to. (I'm having amnesia right now, since I ended that sentence in a preposition.)

Anyhow, Andrew and I were doing our Language Art's book today, "Explode the Code 6". I really love these workbooks for early readers learning all these English rules. For one of his pages, he has to answer yes or no to a question filled with his new vocabulary words. It should be an easy feat at this point of his reading. That is....... if don't live in a sub-tropical climate.

"Will a wooly hood keep you warm in the winter?"
........... Andrew checked NO.
(Correction: woolly typo that Ginny caught.)

Upon further examination, I asked him why he didn't answer yes. He said, "I have no idea what a hood is. How do I know if it keeps you warm."

Ahhhh, another chapter in the "Florida life vs curriculum" record books. Don't get me started on the four seasons. I really feel for those living in the Southern Hemisphere using American curriculums.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here are the Florida moms: Robin of FL, Kelly (Kelmommy), Rose (Jagsfan). Rose's son took the picture and included our mahi mahi for good measure.

As the afternoon sun made it warmer, the kids started breaking out the water guns and putting toes, then feet, then legs into the pool. I really wish we hadn't just dealt with algea bloom & high amts of chlorination. The kids would have all loved to swim.

Here is my guy - "Andrew". I'm guessing that he probably squirted Rose right after this picture. He's such a funny guy.

Here is our newest resident in the garden. Tomato Hornworm, which later turns into a 5-spotted ?? Moth. I believe he could single-handedly destroy a tomato plant in 2 days. They are voracious eaters. He is currently relocated into our schoolroom and we are awaiting the day he makes his crysallis.

Here is a favorite pasttime at our home. Drawing. Since we have been so busy between entertaining and yesterday's boat painting, the boys have had 2 days off from school this week. THIS is what they do. Here is Andrew watching his favorite video and then drawing those monster trucks.
Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'll have to compose some funny stories tomorrow for you, but for today, I've got to get these great pictures up. One of the moms, Rose, has a new awesome digital camera. Nikon....(forgot!). Help Rose!

Here is our Shuttle crew. Everybody is anonymous, including my SimonPeter & Andrew on the far right.

Here's the background story. We all have our homeschool curriculum in common. We like to chat on the curriculum forum for help & fun stuff. The Floridian mommas even have a Yahoo group. Some of them got together 2 wks ago in Orlando for a big meet-up and then there was talk of seeing the shuttle yesterday in my area. So, I thought it would be great fun to invite "stranger, axe murderers", homeschool moms to my house for lunch after the launching. As it turned out, none of them ended up carrying axes and all were equipped with kids, food and good stories. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing.

We even found one of these guys on the back of his momma. He was great. He let me hold him a lot and gave me overwhelming urges to have more babies.

I cannot believe that he could nap with 8 other kids playing cops & robbers throughout our home.

The launch went off beautifully!! What a great day for a lift-off.

We live close but I think Rose's camera makes this look like we're VERY close.

LOOK at this beautiful blue sky!

I have to admit that it makes me homesick for the ocean. It reminds me a lot of those perfect, sunny days on the crystal blue water.

Right after our shuttle party ended, I had barely enough time to tidy up and have my second guest of the day show up.

This is my long-time friend Stephanie from Atlanta. She knew me B.C. (before children). Our plans of a girls' night out ended up becoming "with kids" night out. Jack worked a lot of overtime to avoid going into work today.

It's funny that I met Stephanie on a doggie computer forum and we've been friends for over 12 years. Today, my kids and I met other homeschoolers from a schooling forum. I wonder if we'll all be good friends for many years too.
All 4 of us had dinner at the local seafood restaurant and then headed to the beach for a nice sunset walk. What a nice sky. A couple was getting married.
What a great day. Today was good too - see the fishing blog.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Andrew flushes that toilet and yells to all of us in the Living Room, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?"

Without skipping a beat, Simon Peter yells back, "Essence of Andrew".

I could not stop giggling for the next 5 minutes. I didn't even know Simon Peter knew the word "essence". The fact that he not only knew it but put it into a joke THAT WAS FUNNY..... keeps me giggling.

Andrew..... who was not happy about the joke, tried to blame the dog. Granted, the dog has been foul all day but even he was offended to be blamed.

FLORIDA LIVING - Warning - Snakes below

Part of being a Floridian is living amongst large bugs and even bigger reptiles. It's a good place to raise boys because there are so many creepy things to study just in your own yard.

For instance, something like this hanging out at your front door. This is the Southern Ringneck Snake - thankfully non-poisonous and 6-10 in in length. My guy slithered off before I could get a picture so I copied this stock photo for you to see my front door "guard dog".

Or maybe you go on the back deck to exercise your real pooch and you find this on the trellis. It is a Southern Black racer. They are fast and run about 2-3 ft in length.

Normally, you can't hardly keep up with a racer, but this guy was very quiet and likely about to shed his skin. I would even say he's a return customer since we had another skin already on the trellis from when we moved in. After we came home from the pool supply store, he had moved a little bit and I captured a nice close-up of him. AGAIN, don't do this with a happy & healthy blk racer. They can be aggressive in defending themselves.

My hand is close to him (more than it looks).

The other day, I could have been bitten by another snake while weeding out some crabgrass in the front yard. Actually, I'm not 100% what it was. My guess is either legless lizard or one of those golden colored rat snakes. He was lightening fast in escaping and wanted no business with me. Of course, I'm the one w/ the piercing garden tools, screaming my head off. Jack loves it when I alert the entire neighborhood about snakes.

Truth is....... nobody likes to be surprised by a snake. I'm just more vocal than most. I didn't scream at the first 2 snakes pictured above.

Ok, I'd better stop. I'm creeping myself out as I eat Lo Mein leftovers for lunch.

Edited to Add another Snake:

Saw this little guy about 4pm. This is a young black racer, losing his spots. See how faint they are?
I kid you not..... 3 snakes in 2 days.
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

That's the opening line of one of my favorite songs to sing in the church at Thanksgiving time. Jack and I once did it as a duet and he played guitar. It was simple but the words couldn't have meant more, as we have had our share of lean paychecks and skimpy pantries. I still think of this song everytime I pull out my Fall decorations and see a big platter of food on the table. Every other Friday, I stock the pantry from the wholesale club. I call it endurance shopping since it takes hours. However, that may be the only negative to it. I rarely have to shop over the next 2 weeks. I'm so grateful for that.

Yesterday was one of those Fridays. Jack was trying to wrap-up everything with the boat and garage before the line of super-cell storms came through. I did the shopping alone, which isn't always a blessing when endurance shopping. Jack was going to surprise the boys with a trip to the fish market. Sometimes I think they like that as much as going to ToysRUs - - sometimes.

When I got back home, there were my men in the kitchen. Emeril doesn't have anything on these guys. Mom & Dad, they were heating up the steamer you got Jack for his birthday. Three pounds of snow crab legs and ?? pounds of clams. What a sight.

Everybody helped unload and put up groceries so we could set up the table for the feast. I will never take it for granted eating good food like this. I know how blessed we are to get fresh seafood (except the snow crab legs come frozen) in a port-side town. And how blessed we are to have Jack at a good job so we can afford anything more than beans. So, I give thanks with a grateful heart. (Look at my little pilgrims - from Cracker barrell)

Afterwards, Jack and I we watching a little YouTube (Amazing Grace played w/ guitar funk) and the boys knocked to come in. "Sure."

They come in saying, "We're soooo full from all that good food." They stuffed basketballs under their shirts.
Life is never boring at our home. There's always a comedy routine going most nights. After this, I was still very tired and a bit headachy from the approaching storms, so all my guys pitched in with folding 3 loads of laundry, unloading the dishwasher and washing up all those big steam pots & pans. Again, I gave thanks with a grateful heart.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I promise you, I do not make this stuff up. I thought I'd give you a fly on the wall's view of our morning prayer today.

(Jack and I are trying our best to break the boys of the habit of reciting childhood poem prayers. )

In unison: "God is great, God is good, Let us"... immediate shreak in remembrance of the new rule, then noises of records being scratched, then more shreaks for fun, then some car crash screeches with booms at the end and then I say "STOP!" with a smile on my face.

I ended up blessing the food & dedicating the day. Then for some reason, my ADDDDDHHHHDDD kicked in and I felt led, not-so-by-the Holy Spirit, to burst out in song, "Everybody dance now, boom, boom, boom, boom." Then there is robot dancing on the chairs. (Renee, we needed Bobby here to break-dance.)

Gee, I just don't know where the kids get it from?

Monday, October 15, 2007


At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, "Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?"

Jesus replied, "Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven. - Matthew 18: 21-22

We had a beautiful day from the weather to schooling. One of those days that you feel guilty because everything is going and you think to yourself, "What did I do to deserve such a day?"

Minutes before 6pm, dinner was on the stove, I was singing our upcoming song for Sunday service, "Jesus Saves" and Daddy is expected home any minute.

I asked the boys to get off the computer and come set the table. Simon Peter comes immediately and Andrew starts the saving process of our hard efforts of building a virtual Amusement park. I hear a little "uh-oh" from the other room and then comes a much distressed set of cheeks saying he didn't click the right button and hours of play & creativity are gone. I'm not disappointed but Simon Peter is. He falls upon the couch, grabbing the remote & totally forgetting his chore. Andrew, also not recalling his chore, snatches the remote out of Simon Peter's hands. Beyond the sound of my own voice, I hear smacks, grunts, pillaging & plundering and then the sound of the remote flying across the room and shattering.

Ok, now somebody is going to be in trouble. How could we go from the best day ever to such a hot temper all while "Jesus Saves" is being sung at the top of my lungs?

In a few minutes, we managed to straighten everything out and people had to forgive each other. I know my "Peter" didn't feel he should forgive because he didn't make the most obvious offense of throwing the remote. However, it was his holding the grudge of lost computer information that started the entire fight.

We are such a close family but sometimes that closeness leads to times of sinning and hence, lessons in forgiveness. I'm just so thankful that as soon as Daddy arrived in the door, everything was right as rain. Really, it was.

After dinner, Simon Peter says to me, "Those broccoli were delicious Mom. They tasted a bit like spinach."

And I had to explain him that they were asparagus.

Then, Jack turns to me and asks me why the remote was apart. Ummm................

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm having a very peaceful Sunday. I'm mending a pinched nerve between my shoulders and so I have been reading for a couple hours. Things are going smoothly. The boys ask if they can watch tv and I agreed. It wasn't on for 1 minute, tuned in to The Most Extreme show on Animal Planet and I hear some guy explaining the most intimate moments of fertilization with humans. Wait!!! How did we go from an extreme fish to people? I didn't even have time to react. In 15 seconds, his narrative was over and all the beans were spilled. The birds and bees were explained. Health class completed. My internal body temperature raised several degrees because of embarssment and partial from anger that the whole situation happened. My part, my job as parent was taken over in a flash by the tube and that special speech I have been holding off to have with my boys was taken from me. And that last sentence ringing between my ears.... "It takes only 20 men to repopulate the entire earth [to 6 billion]."

And as if my heart wasn't skipping beats enough, "Simon Peter" twirls around to look back at me in my bedroom and yells, "No wonder it wasn't hard to repopulate the world after the flood."
I could only reply, "Uh-huh honey."

One can only pray that most of this went over their heads and I will still have my chance to instill our values at a later point.
This blog is brand new. It is my alternative for when we're not catching fish or working on the boat. It is a more intimate view into our daily life of raising boys into fine young men that Jesus will hopefully one day call to be fishers of men.

I am striving to keep our anonymity while sharing our more humorous stories. Hope they bring a smile to your day. Feel free to call them Simon Peter (older) and Andrew (younger).

Hope you enjoy,