Saturday, January 24, 2009


by Robin

This Christmas, we received a lovely gift from my sister. It's called the Biblical Garden. This is very cool because it encompasses our love for gardening and the Bible.Photobucket

Everything comes with it but the water.Photobucket

You simply set up the dome, put a little peat moss in there, add seeds and wait for them to sprout.

We're about 10 days - 2 wks into it and so far we have a few things breaking ground.

Mustard seed broke ground first.

Then Hyssop

Then Joseph's Coat named after the boys with a coat of many colors.

Last for us was aloe which is cool because I've always wanted to grow aloe and wasn't successful with a cutting.

Because the frost was coming, my senior friend from church called me up to come get cuttings of her geraniums. I guess they're easy to start..... just stick them in dirt. I'd like to surround my pool decking with these vibrant colors. (This is not a product endorsement for Smart Balance, but if somebody from there should happen to see this picture, please leave a comment and I'll give you my address to send more tubs of it.)

This is just an extra photo. I'm not sure what type of cactus this is. It's soft & rubbery. I cut a lot of them back before they bloomed so this is the only flower I have. I can tell you that when you hit one with a lawn mower, you'll have a hundred babies all around. They are prolific!

Have a blessed weekend. We're at competition. I'll post results within 24 hrs after we know them.

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Angela said...

Love this idea Robin!

I left my friend Lora a couple of links to your blogs and gardening posts. She is trying to start a garden in Alabama and I thought she might find some advice from you.

Love and hugs!