Friday, January 30, 2009


by Robin

People say that Florida doesn't have a change of season.... well, they are wrong. You can look at it one of two ways. We have nice, hot and hotter as seasons. That mostly comes from the mouths of those visiting from the North. But to those of us Floridians that have lived here several years or more, we have seen winter. Granted, I've never seen snow in Central FL, but some have. I have seen frost & hard freezes twice. So, we have winter but it only comes once every few years. LOL. Confused? Think of it as a "Leap" Winter.

Last week, we had 2 nights of hard freeze, resulting in damage to a handful of bushes & trees.



Basil........ hates cold weather.

Then, we had a pleasant weekend and I got inspired to fill up my main garden -- afterall, I could always cover it with a monster plastic tarp if we should get another freeze. (New section on the far left)

The wire is suppose to keep out puppies. Most the time, it does. (See the buried hose? That's new.)

This poor corner butterfly garden took a hard hit. I'll have to rework it and see if much is salvageable. It's so small, it's nice to rework plants & add more red mulch & edging in the spring.


It's been so dry around here for what seems like months that I finally invested in more hoses & sprinklers so we could survive until the rain kicked in late April/May. My garden loves me!


Yesterday, Orlando hit a record high of 85 and Melbourne a record of 87!!! Well, all that heat brought on afternoon t-storms, which was so good for my soul and the little plants. I missed hearing rain. Today, we had another ince of a good soaking. Behind all good winter rain (in FL) is a cold front. How could we be at 85-87 deg yesterday and only 58 today!! Tomorrow night, we'll be back down to freezing and you guessed it, I'm going to drag out my tarp.


I have to cover or I'll lose some valuable stuff. I have a tomato a couple weeks away from turning red!! I'll announce some new additions to the big garden as they begin to break ground. I removed my stepping stones to make complete rows. Long rows. I'm so excited like a kid in a candy shop.

Stay tuned if you're a gardener.



Rose said...

It's insane, isn't it. Yesterday, it's in the 80's and today, I don't think it got to 60. hmph...

Connordog said...

We got snow in Tampa in 1976 or 77. I remember my dad woke me up for it at 5am so I could go outside and see it before it melted.

Angela said...

Hey Robin! Sorry I've been so out of touch! The garden progress looks great! It's been SO cold here this winter - I definitely got to feel like we had a winter this year, as opposed to some winters past here.

Love and hugs!