Thursday, February 19, 2009

Likeable Quote

John Holtzmann quoting somebody else:

Today, I'd like to address a second objection my friend raised: that the study of evolution/creation is not and cannot be science--"after all, you can't engage in replicable experiments; you can't follow the scientific method. ....Creation (or evolution) was a singular event, therefore, by definition, unreproducible."

Indeed, "If we're going to let science impinge on our Scriptural understanding of creation, then, logically, we have to permit it to adjust our understanding of the Virgin Birth as well, aren't we? It's a short step from having 'science' redefine our view of creation to having 'science' throw out all the miracles of the Bible."

John is the founder of Sonlight Curriculum and blogs at John's Corner of the World. John, that is quite some post(s) you've been writing this week.

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