Tuesday, March 31, 2009


by Robin

(Picture by Andrew)

My boys work hard and they play hard. They blessed me so when they participated in a church work day on Saturday. They didn't play around when Mama worked. No sir!! They trimmed hedges and mulched around their entire church gymnasium, which is no small building. Oh.... by themselves for much of it.

When they do that and then follow it up with a hard day's fishing on Monday.... I love to see them relax while they get taken away into another world with a good reader. Simon Peter & Captain, reading Watersky.


I think the puppies like it too. They can snuggle up with a boy that is still.

Here is a picture that Andrew took of Tiki in my arms as I was giving him a spelling test. He was sacked out!


As I mentioned earlier, my boys work hard and they play hard. Last week, I asked them to help me with cleaning the leaves out of the bottom of the pool. I didn't know if the water would be too cold for them or not.


Stay tuned to find out what happened......


1 comment:

Courtney Imbert said...

Looks like fun! Dogs are so good at finding that perfect spot to rest their heads, aren't they?