Monday, March 2, 2009


by Robin

Ok.... I really don't have snow like the rest of my East Coast friends, or pictures of snow, but I have ripened cherry tomatoes. I picked the red one already and these are getting so close any day now. Then, I have no excuse but to eat another salad. Don't you just love those little furry stems?? I took this photo from about 3 ft away. I *love* zoom.

..... and I have cilantro ...... My one lone cilantro plant that survived after Mama Cilantro died last year. I put seed after seed out and I finally got one plant. Yeah ..... salsa eating can continue! I never noticed how purply cool that stalk was before today.


Oh and..... I have one more great dog picture. This is my Captain who deserves to be trained in agility or flyball or something fast. He's really a border collie in tan & white. He needs a job. He's rarely still. My kids hate this photo because they think he look vampire-ish. Hmmm.. I guess the sun was messin' with his eyes, but I still love the picture.

Poor Captain got his flea pill today and it upset his tummy. I gave the Comfortis on a recommended full tummy but instead of helping, I ended up picking up 4 piles of food off the floor. Not a finer moment from today.

So, while it isn't fantastic photos of icicles or snowmen, it's what I can do until I move northward. .... Like never....


Sharie said...

oh SHUT UP!!! lol Who's gonna be complaining of HUMIDITY in a few months??? YOU. (okay, me too!) Your tomatoes and cilantro look yummy! I can't wait to get some basil and tomatoes going!

Guess what our high temp was today? In the low 20s! It's definitely below average for this time of year.

Deborah said...

not fair
Not Fair

Think of us moms who are bringing in fire wood for the heater while you are munching away on a fresh salad :) It was 19 last night!!

Angela said...

Looks great! I am thinking of doing tomatoes again this year. And I may try to do herbs again. I really miss my herb plants! The last two gave up the ghost last year. I need some new ones and would LOVE cilantro.