Wednesday, March 18, 2009


by Robin

These were from Sunday afternoon. Andrew and I were on our way to WalMart when we just had to stop and see the aerobatics plane do his thing. (Doesn't everybody bring their camera to WalMart?)


The road was lined with cars on the side. It seemed like the right thing to pull over and watch the show off the back of our trunk.

This picture was taken Sat afternoon from our backyard. There's nothing more unique than doing yardwork and a F16 & Sabre jets go flying by together in formation. Before we closed on this house, God gave me a Scripture: Deut 8:7 - For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land. Indeed He did!


The noise is deafening when they zoom by too, but we aviation nuts loved it. Have a blessed week y'all.

*upcoming this week.... my fishermen are preparing pieces for the 4H/County Fair, including Marine artwork.

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Joy said...

That is so cool!

And about Aunt Renee, posted some pics on facebook. One is so cute. Aunt Renee is sitting in the hospital bed, fixing to go into the DR and she is putting on lipgloss! She s the greatest!!!