Tuesday, March 17, 2009


by Robin

I knew that eventually the two would come together and there would be some "schooling" involved. We've had a wonderful week of warm temps and the snakes have been moving about. These are solely black racers, non-venemous.

Well, today, I let our 8mo chihuahuas out and then I heard scrambling on the back deck. I popped out of the screened in porch to see what was the matter. Well, there was a 3 ft. blk racer about 7 ft from me and then 2 attentive pups behind him. My guess was they have discovered each other and now the snake was frozen, but not coiled.

The pups decided to approach the snake one more time and instead of bolting for cover, he turned and went for Tiki. I didn't witness any bites but it sure did scare Tiki. Then, the snake went behind a cabinet and under the boards for safety.

There wasn't any time for grabbing the camera but I did want to blog about it. I pray the pups learn to let the big black snakes alone and keep a healthy distance from them. While they aren't venemous, they will defend themselves with a bite.

Have a blessed day. My boys are begging me for a bike ride before they resume schooling for the afternoon.


flmom said...

Ack! Those are encounters *I* don't like to have. I've read black racers have a very nasty bite. Glad the fur babies are okay.

Angela said...

So glad no one got hurt! I once held a rosy boa constrictor (when I was working at our vet) and found the creature quite fascinating, but I am not a fan of snakes in general. Glad your residents are, at least, non poisonous!