Monday, April 27, 2009


by Robin

41 San Marzano tomato plants
160 Sweet bell pepper plants
63 Roma tomato plants
21 Brandywine heirloom tomato plants
7 Cherry tomato plants
12 Crooked Neck Squash plants
16-ish Okra plants
8 Cucumber plants
24 Contender Bush bean plants (spineless)
7 Hot pepper plants remaining from last year
6 varieties of herbs
3 varieties of onions
12 Lettuce still bolting
4 Spinach also bolting
1 Carrot

90 days in the making for many of these plants with the exception of some left over from last year or fall's seedlings.

1 Tim 4: 7-8

by God


Spend your time and energy in training yourself for spiritual fitness. Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

GARDEN REPORT - April Showers!!

.... are bringing lots of veggies.
by Robin

Mid-April (couple weeks ago)

Last week, getting a few more tomatoes, some oranging.

Yesterday... yeah!! Enough beans for dinner, big toms, cherry toms and a handful of herbs to cook with that night. (thyme & dill)

Other new happenings..... couple sweet bell peppers. This plant is about 18 mo old and still producing in the main garden.

I'm getting my first cucumber. I have 2 fertilized and another one I missed in the side garden. It was tiny anyhow.

Okra have taken off inspite of their very poor stem/leaf growth. I have almost pulled these plants a couple of times. I have a lot to learn about okra.

Remember the pinapple from the last garden report?? Well, it is growing nicely. Both fruits have the beginnings of tops. They are also displaying these gorgeous little flowers on their sides.


So much else is growing well. Many tom plants are over a foot high and some are showing signs of putting out yellow blooms this week. We eat regularly off the herbs. I'm collecting lettuce & onion seeds currently too. I get a meal's worth of beans about every 10days- 2 wks.

I hope to put out more pictures soon. I've taken them... I'm just trying to get my week started, then post later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

EARTH DAY -(week)

by Robin

(Sage bloom in my garden)

I know I've been very absent from the blog world. Sorry. Lots of reasons, but I mostly wanted to come on here to blog about Earth day yesterday. I have a garden report in the making but since the pictures aren't ready, I wanted to share a nice Scripture that God gave me about "Earth Day".

If you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine. Exo 19:5.

(Yellow rose in my butterfly garden)

Our focus really needs to be on Him, not so much the earth. We are to be good stewards of the earth and all that is within it, but not choosing it over Him.

Have a blessed earth week as we remember the One who is mighty enough to speak it into existence.

Friday, April 17, 2009


by Robin

Book by Richard J. Maybury

If you haven't already read this book (people of all ages)... you need to. It explains economics in simplistic terms that my 7th grader is understanding. We bought this book last May '08 - long before this recession happened. '\

It is as if God placed this book in our hands at the right time, for such a time as this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some basic chapter outlines: inflation, legal tenders, wages, price spirals, printing presses, recessions, fast money, "History Repeats", Boom & Bust cycle, trillions, Federal debt charts, reasons governments spend so much, etc.

Maybe we should send a copy of this to Congress & our President.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st EASTER EGG HUNT - Chihuahua style.

by Robin

It's been a wonderful week of doing many things, so these pictures are a little late in coming off the press.

When going hunting for eggs, first, be careful of big hawks. Watch each other's back.

Leave no bush unsearched.....

Look hard in that grass......

I mean.... really hard!

If you can't find any outside.... look in the boys' room. Hint: They may be shiney.

Be careful not to get them stuck on your nose.

And don't fall for that Easter nap.... you might end up wearing an egg on your head.

Beward of boys with rabbit teeth. They might just steal the camera and play games with you & the eggs. (Btw, he's a candidate for braces, don't you think?)

BIRTH days

by Robin

Forty-two years ago, a little baby girl was birthed into this world, screaming at the top of her lungs at 5:12 am. Today (actually yesterday now) is my birth day. It was a simple one, filled with many cards, calls from loved ones and surprised calls from friends I didn't expect to hear from. I got the numerous messages on Facebook with birthday greetings. I love that too. I even got e-cards and emails of kind words and well-wishes.

My hubby and I will have our official date on Friday when the kids are at a "lock-in" at the church. But today, it was just the simple things that blessed me throughout the day which made it great.

In the evening, I filled in for a friend and worked the DVD player for a class on discerning God's voice. An hour later, I was in choir practice. It was a great time, as always.

It was there that I learned that a dear, sweet older man (85 yo) from church had passed away just moments before. He was in pretty good health until pneumonia robbed him of a good quality of life the past 2 wks. He was blessed with a beautiful multi-generational, multi-ethnic family who loved him and loved Jesus. During one baptism, they had 3 pews of family members come visit the church to see their loved one get "dunked". They loved all the choir music and showed it with enthusiastic smiles & clapping with each song. It was always a joy to see this man and his wife praising God each week.

Let me share with you this touching testimony. On Easter, he was in ICU, surrounded by family and our pastor. They had to quietly sing "This is the day, this is the day, that the LORD hath made, that the LORD hath made. We will rejoice, We will rejoice & be glad in it." It was his favorite song. Even while unconscious, he still had the mind of Christ & squeezed Pastor's hand to the rhythm of the music.

I was taken aback by the news of his death. I sat in my chair a good minute after the closing prayer to think. You know what? I felt like God spoke to me in that small, still voice. "That is what birth days are all about. " Love. A good life. A second birth of salvation via your heart. Family surrounding you. The promise of heaven. And a new birth into His kingdom. It is nothing that MasterCard or Visa can give you. Nothing a stimulus "free" package can solve. Nothing found in any store around the entire world.

I am as blessed as my dear friend was. I have precious & beautiful family & friends that love me very much. It was a great birth day for me, as I am sure was his as he entered the presence of Jesus. I feel so at peace. What a gift.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


by Robin

It occurred to me, during our evening prayer, that we celebrated Passover without really thinking about it. What a divine appointment. I love when God does that.

Jack and I had finished our 5 mile bike ride and had a serious case of the munchies. We ran up to the store and picked up some snack food for all of us. We (mostly they did...) had various crackers (unleavened), cheese, smoked salmon (fish), fruit & veggies. We broke the "bread" around a counter and took freely from all the choices in the middle.

I was in prayer with the kids and it hit me that Thursday, tonight, would have been the night of Passover; and, Jesus's time in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed and later was arrested. Yep, it seems like a perfect match given the full moon that sits outside my window tonight. I could imagine Jesus praying in the moonlight, in my garden.

In another hour or so, Jesus would be tried and found guilty, though He had no crime. Not only did He have no crime, but had never committed a sin in His life. By tomorrow morning (when many of you will see this), His trial will be over and his beatings would have begun. How it gives me such sorrow to think of the stripes that were laid upon His back. The humiliation of his nakedness. The droplets of blood hitting the ground. The same ground that His Father cursed thousands of years prior, back in the Garden of Eden. Oh how this would be such a brutal death.

By lunchtime, I will be remembering His walk to Calvary. Carrying not only a wooden cross upon his bruised shoulders but the burden of sin upon His life. And as my blessed children are finishing up their school work, we will remember the lessons Jesus taught from the cross as he spoke to the two thieves. He gave us hope that those who called upon His name, would see Him in paradise. And then, He proclaimed, "It is done!!" as he drew his last breath. There was victory in His death. The debt was paid. My sins were separated from me as far as the east is to the west.

As we come together yet again tomorrow night, as a family, we will cherish the Old Rugged Cross and Victory in Jesus because death could not defeat Him and the grave could not hold Him. He may have been put in a borrowed tomb, but the vacancy sign was hung out 3 days later!!!

I will be so proud to sing, "He's Risen, Haleluijah!!" from the choir loft and mean it with every ounce of my heart. I'm so thankful to be called His child and to serve with a Living Savior. Messiah. Jesus, the Christ. My Redeemer.

Woo whee!! I feel a revival comin' on!!

But for now..... the kids are fast asleep and safely tucked into the arms of their heavenly Father this Passover night.

May you all have a blessed Holy weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1 Cor 1:18

I haven't done a video in a while. This one is well worth the wait.

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

Monday, April 6, 2009


by Robin

A few weeks ago, my boys took these 4H pictures to go into County competition. Yesterday, they were judged in the morning and available for viewing in the afternoon.



I'm very proud of my boys. They compete against their own age group and individually for points. Both of them earned a Blue AWARD which is based on points. They both made 90-100 pts for their photography entries. After that part is done, they compete against others in their age division and both received 2nd place RIBBONS. (capitalize to point out differences) If you placed within the 1-3rd places, you received an official invitation to State competition in Tallahassee. This is our first time doing 4H photography (vs open photog) and so they're happy to go to State. Our dear friends had the picture that won over the entire State last year and so we hope our club can continue "holding the trophy" so-to-speak.

Sadly, we missed the open photog deadline due to Lego League obligations. The # of entries was low due to change in months, venue & location for the County Fair. Our first couple years, there were hundreds of pictures. This year, barely a dozen or so.

Below are the fruit/veggies that were entered. Again, low turnout but I think that was more because it is still rather early in the growing season for many of us who dealt with flooding rains from Fay and then hard freezes in February. I could have entered my cherry toms and green beans but I chose to eat them instead. My friend's daughter took Best in Show with her radishes.

Here again, low turnout for the casting competition. It basically was my friends' kids and my boys. Her eldest 3 teen boys bowed out, allowing these 4 to compete against one another, as a group instead of age divisions.

Simon Peter took 1st & Best in Division (Show?). Blondie (name withheld) took, 2nd his sister took 3rd. Andrew was a pretty good sport about being in last place, inspite of his 3rd place ribbon. It is suppose to be a participation - green ribbon.

Last week, we got the results for our Marine Poster & Drawing Art. There were many blues, reds and big rosettes. Andrew and I took a Best in Division. I'm going to guess that I was the only adult to submit an entry. Mine was more of a political statement than anything.

I'm going to post mine here. We haven't picked up the other pics & ribbons yet. They were on display last weekend. The black thing on the bottom left is a sunken boat, named SAFMC, not-so-in-honor of the S. Atlantic Fisheries Marine Council who just closed down Red Snapper fishing for 6 months.

We also had a fun taste-testing of various honeys. (Wild Flower, Palm, Orange Blossom, Tupelo, ??) We looked at hives, bees making their combs and came home with a jar of Palm Tree Honey. Yum.

God bless!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


by Robin

Saturday, I took the boys over to the Fairgrounds for their casting competition and to see how they did with their 4H submissions (photography & artwork). While there, this Mama took them to see all the cute animals.


Pioneer Woman isn't the only one with cute brown calves on their blog (ha ha).

This cow is a mix of a Hereford and Angus. I went to college to learn that.

Our 4H friends run the goat club and had some entries.

And, as a Mom, it warms my heart to see one of my children milking a wooden cow. (It was real milk though.) Safe education at its best.

Today, however, is another story. I woke up feeling awful and wanted to desperately go back to bed to die. So, it was Daddy's turn.

He took our fishermen to teach them how to drink ale, limp with a peg leg and swear like sailors...... (record screech).... LOL... not!!!!!! That would make them into pirates. ROFL. He took them to Andretti's Testosterone Park for those men needing go-kart racing, batting cages, mini-golf, arcades and laser tag. They got the all-day passes and I've got enough time to take a couple more naps and read War & Peace.

I just got a call a few minutes ago (which prompted my writing this blog) that Jack is waiting his turn, donned with fireproof suit and special helmet, to do the 40 mph racetrack for adults only. You see ladies, men really don't ever grow up. They just get older. (smile)

Have a most blessed Palm Sunday. Jesus walked into the gates of Jerusalem being honored and a week later, put to death on a cross as payment for my (& your) sins. Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


by Robin

Pulled my first batch, blanched, vacuum packed and froze 'em.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Prov 18: 6-7

by Robin

A fool's lips bring him strife,


and his mouth invites a beating.


A fool's mouth is his undoing,


and his lips are a snare to his soul.


(You don't want to see what happened next. )

Thursday, April 2, 2009


....things pop out of the ground.

by Robin

Were you ever on a phone call and saw something that just took your breath away but you couldn't interrupt the other person for something so trivial like pineapple blooms? I have. It caught me totally off guard.

Our pineapple bush. Two blooms.


Oops....... I don't know what I did with the sizing of this. It is our date palms. Two of them!

Onion in full bloom now. I have no idea when I'm suppose to catch the seeds.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


by Robin

APRIL FOOL's!!! This post isn't about birds... it's about spelling tests and typing class.

I'm all about efficiency but I'm not sure this is going to work for us.

Combine typing with spelling quizzes.


EXCEPT for the fact the MS Word tells him automatically when he's misspelling a word and it wanted to capitalize all his words. Moody is suppose to be moody.


In Simon Peter's defense, we had never heard of the word squib. Dictionary.... And we had to look up bub, while our booklet said he spelled it right (going against Word's notion that we were trying to spell bib.) Bub is NOT an actual word, according to Webster's. So, why is it in our spelling test? I have no idea. (There were more words than this but I took the picture sooner.)

We use AVKO sequential spelling for the boys. It starts with basic word families the first day of the week and then progresses harder as you go through the week. It's pretty great for the non-natural speller.