Wednesday, April 1, 2009


by Robin

APRIL FOOL's!!! This post isn't about birds... it's about spelling tests and typing class.

I'm all about efficiency but I'm not sure this is going to work for us.

Combine typing with spelling quizzes.


EXCEPT for the fact the MS Word tells him automatically when he's misspelling a word and it wanted to capitalize all his words. Moody is suppose to be moody.


In Simon Peter's defense, we had never heard of the word squib. Dictionary.... And we had to look up bub, while our booklet said he spelled it right (going against Word's notion that we were trying to spell bib.) Bub is NOT an actual word, according to Webster's. So, why is it in our spelling test? I have no idea. (There were more words than this but I took the picture sooner.)

We use AVKO sequential spelling for the boys. It starts with basic word families the first day of the week and then progresses harder as you go through the week. It's pretty great for the non-natural speller.

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