Thursday, April 9, 2009


by Robin

It occurred to me, during our evening prayer, that we celebrated Passover without really thinking about it. What a divine appointment. I love when God does that.

Jack and I had finished our 5 mile bike ride and had a serious case of the munchies. We ran up to the store and picked up some snack food for all of us. We (mostly they did...) had various crackers (unleavened), cheese, smoked salmon (fish), fruit & veggies. We broke the "bread" around a counter and took freely from all the choices in the middle.

I was in prayer with the kids and it hit me that Thursday, tonight, would have been the night of Passover; and, Jesus's time in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed and later was arrested. Yep, it seems like a perfect match given the full moon that sits outside my window tonight. I could imagine Jesus praying in the moonlight, in my garden.

In another hour or so, Jesus would be tried and found guilty, though He had no crime. Not only did He have no crime, but had never committed a sin in His life. By tomorrow morning (when many of you will see this), His trial will be over and his beatings would have begun. How it gives me such sorrow to think of the stripes that were laid upon His back. The humiliation of his nakedness. The droplets of blood hitting the ground. The same ground that His Father cursed thousands of years prior, back in the Garden of Eden. Oh how this would be such a brutal death.

By lunchtime, I will be remembering His walk to Calvary. Carrying not only a wooden cross upon his bruised shoulders but the burden of sin upon His life. And as my blessed children are finishing up their school work, we will remember the lessons Jesus taught from the cross as he spoke to the two thieves. He gave us hope that those who called upon His name, would see Him in paradise. And then, He proclaimed, "It is done!!" as he drew his last breath. There was victory in His death. The debt was paid. My sins were separated from me as far as the east is to the west.

As we come together yet again tomorrow night, as a family, we will cherish the Old Rugged Cross and Victory in Jesus because death could not defeat Him and the grave could not hold Him. He may have been put in a borrowed tomb, but the vacancy sign was hung out 3 days later!!!

I will be so proud to sing, "He's Risen, Haleluijah!!" from the choir loft and mean it with every ounce of my heart. I'm so thankful to be called His child and to serve with a Living Savior. Messiah. Jesus, the Christ. My Redeemer.

Woo whee!! I feel a revival comin' on!!

But for now..... the kids are fast asleep and safely tucked into the arms of their heavenly Father this Passover night.

May you all have a blessed Holy weekend!

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Angela said...

Happy Easter to you guys! I loved reading your thoughts. And I am so happy you are my sister in Christ!

Love you guys!

PS I enjoyed all the launch photos and rocket recovery. Very cool!