Friday, May 15, 2009


by Robin
Written by David d'Escoto from This Old Schoolhouse
The article says "....not to send Christian Kids to Public Schools" but I thought that was a tad inaccurate. I felt like most of these talking points were valid for all parent-children relationships.

Here's some highlights:
*cookie cutter approach
* anemic academics
*misplaced authority
*family fragmentation
*peer dependency
*bad company
*propagating promiscuity
*bye-bye Bible
*perishing generation
*scripturally unsound

On a totally separate note, upon opening up my homepage, I saw the news that Wayman Tisdale died, 44, of cancer. While I did not follow him during his basketball years, I do admit to having some of his CDs. He was a great jazz musician, dedicated family man and loved the Lord. God bless Wayman.

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