Sunday, May 3, 2009


by Robin

Last Friday night, we took advantage of the opportunity to watch Christian men & women play softball. It was a nice, wholesome, good sportsmanship-type of game. None of those awful things that can be associated with sports.


Our church team, Alpha, played our other church team, Omega for the last game of the season. I don't think we're going into any play-offs. But, it sure was a great way for the church to bond together. We always had a great turn-out of folks to cheer them on.

Here, we have a friend of mine who is pregnant (4-5 mo). She did great!! She'd hit the ball and lightly run to 1st base and then somebody would fill in for her running around the bases. The men were very generous and careful with her.


Even our pastor got in on the game. He's also a long-distance bicyclist when he's not doing church softball.


After each game, they would have a word of prayer which was very sweet to hear. They really do take this more as a ministry to show good Christian behavior to the community and be there as an outreach for anybody interested in having a relationship with Christ.


I have been very blessed in my life to find two really great churches to plant our feet. One church is "home" in my heart and the other is where I get lots of love & hugs and can serve Christ now. (Today, I ended up be kitchen assistant to my friend/homeschool Mom. We were honoring the Senior Adults with a nice luncheon.)

Have a great week!

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