Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making some Blueberry Jam

by Robin

First start with the freshest blueberries. For me, this was easy since we had just picked them up off the bush the day before.

Here are some green berries. Don't pick them. They won't ripen off the bush and I believe they may be toxic to consume if you got a belly full of them.

Here's a nice batch that I used. The reddish ones are tart. I like them but the kids didn't. This makes no sense to me since they're always asking for those sour gummy worms.

I did everything that you could possible do wrong with my jam and it is still delicious. So, if I can do it, you can too. Don't be intimidated by this jam.

I mixed 2.5 c of blueberries with 2.5c of sugar. Stirred and left them in the frig overnight. My sister said to leave them out. But, I worried about spoiling. She said I would worry. She was right. Then, the 2nd day, I was suppose to boil it, but forgot. I was too busy w/ the pool liner repair. Oh well. Made me feel better about leaving them in the frig for 2 days instead of on the counter.

Day 3, I boiled them, then stopped it, then restarted it but added 1 packet of pectin, as recommended from my friend Sage, from the grocery store. I added a Tablespoon of lemon juice because the directions said so. I boiled it a little bit more. Then, turned that off and let it sit. I then poured the contents into these two jars, letting them sit on the counter until they were completely cool. That's when they jellified. Or is that Jamified?


Then, I refrigerated them. I did not boil any water and sterilize anything. Shame on me. But, my goal is to eat all the jam before it spoils. My sister insisted that it would go fast, and it is!!

Each morning, I wake up to my fresh cup of decaf and some whole grain-seedy bread with blueberry jam on top. It is like having dessert for breakfast.

I forgot to share this picture yesterday. This is a bird that we came across in one of the bushes. I don't know what he is but he's certainly lovely. Feel free to educate me if you know.


Crowzma said...

Hard to tell, but it looks like the bird might be a cedar waxwing.

Anonymous said...
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