Wednesday, June 24, 2009


by Robin

Lately, Jack's eyes are not as strong as they once were. He has perfect 20/20 vision for distances but when it comes to reading a menu or a book, forget it. I become his seeing-eye dog (not that I mind it). It is a new world that I have to accept as we continue to age and love each other. Granted, my eyes have been awful since 2nd grade, but for Jack, this is new.

He bought his readers over-the-counter and they work great. He first kept them at work only. Then, they came home for reading ....... well........let's be honest..... in the bathroom. (Don't act like y'all don't read in the bathroom too!) Last night, Jack brought home a "How-To" book for dolphin fishing specifically.

He took to the couch with a reading lamp, the book and those glasses for a couple hours. I passed by him several times between chasing kids, laundry, dogs and watering the garden. He probably never knew it but as I passed, I was looking. LOOKING. And I was thinking.....

He is soooo incredibly sexy in his reading glasses. Am I a total geek or what? My husband overwhelmingly increased his sexiness 10-fold by putting on a pair of reading glasses and sitting on the couch reading a book. What is this that God has done to my heart?

The world tells me that sexy men are shirtless, ripped with a 6-pack stomach, tan, young and coming out of a pool dripping wet. Oh please..... what does the world know. A real woman looks at that man and sure.... he's cute, maybe worth forwarding to a couple people, but what we're really thinking is, "He's STUPID." What woman wants a stupid man? None I know. And stupid does not equal sexy. So sorry to bust the advertising world wide open. Sexy only sells those few seconds on the tv screen. When we consume, we want wise, practical, purposeful and economical.

Ok, this post really isn't about product consumption but my point is that guy w/ great abs isn't wise, practical, purposeful (in more than one way) or economical to find. No. No. No. No. Don't buy into the world's philosophy!

BUT, my Jack.... he's mine. He's gifted in many areas around the house. He loves us more than life itself. He's, well.... not so economical, but we'll skip that for now because I love fishing too. LOL. But as he ages, wisdom is gained along with all those silver hairs on the side of his head. Reading glasses only add to the attraction of wisdom. He's mellowing as he pauses to answer questions. He's soooo attractive to me, it is like a true pheromone I can't stop thinking about.

This year, he's worried about turning 45, but honestly, I can't wait to hit the golden years with him. I can't wait for retirement days we spend on the water. I can't wait to have time to talk without interruption. I can't wait to steal him away for a romantic get-away together. All those things we weren't able to do as we were pitifully poor 20-somethings or 30'somethings with babies. No, this is a great time to look forward to with the love of your life.

My choir buddy had her 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. Her husband is 90. She loves & adores him soooo much. I want to be like Marie when I grow up. She has set the bar high but I'm ready for the challenge because..... afterall..... my guys is soooo sexy wearing reading glasses. I wonder if he will still be as sexy after cataract surgery? LOL

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Angela said...

LOL this is a really sweet post, Robin, and good words to remember. I agree - only a stupid woman would want a stupid man, because stupid men are worse than useless, LOL! They are an active liability. So cheers to Jack for being such a great hubby to you and enjoy every day!