Friday, July 31, 2009


by Robin


I know this is a pretty common occurance in many households across the entire world, but for me...... yes, for me..... it will be my first time having it in my house. Tomorrow. Yes, at 12:10 am, but be little boy becomes a teenager.

I'm not ready. He's already looking at me eye to eye. I'm not ready for this. Somebody stop the earth from rotating for me, please?


Ok wait.... I can't ask that. Because Sunday is a very important day for a friend who get her newly adopted children on Sunday. So, ok.... the world can keep revolving for her sake. We want those babies to come home.

But for me..... I miss the days when my boys were babies and they made me slow down to rock them in a chair for an hour. I miss watching baby cartoons. I miss the days when they wanted to climb on me & stick like glue when they got sick. I loved wrapping their little bodies up while kissing their foreheads.

Oh well,..... I will have to settle for hugging kids the same size as me. I will have to settle for being the mom of a teenager.

Oh goodness, I just thought that I've only got a few more years left before he drives. I have to go lie down and stop thinking about this. LOL.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


by Robin

Can you believe it has been over a year since we've been to the beach? I have no excuse. I live right here practically. How could my life be too busy for the beach? We're homeschoolers for goodness sake. We can make free time whenever we want (ha ha - tongue in cheek).

We took off Friday to Jetty Park. Lovely place.



I just know one thing.... it cures summer boredom. It seems like the best way to escape seeing one another day in & day out.





One can get lost in the ocean or building sand castles. I even saw adults building sand castles. You never get too old to dream of far away places.




Something about the sun that makes everybody smile.





Happy Skimboarding & Castle-making!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Psa 41:1 & Health Care

by Robin

Seems like every news report this week has centered on health care and the debate going on in the Congress. While I was eager, nervous and sometimes horrified at times to learn of what might be in my future, I had to calm myself down and go to the Word for some sanity.

BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, to be envied) is he who considers the weak and the poor; the Lord will deliver him in the time of evil and trouble. (Amplified Bible version)

I have full confidence that no matter what may be, God is our ultimate healer and deliver from all things & situations.

Here is a real-life situation of a lady named Barbara Wagner from the WorldNetDaily, June 19, 2008, "State Denies Cancer Treatment....", an Editorial.

Barbara Wagner had a reoccuring lung cancer while living in Oregon, under the state-run Oregon Health Plan. Her doctor recommended a drug that would prolong & improve her quality of life, but the state refused that particular drug. You see, with advanced cancer, you are no longer deemed worthy of care by the state-run health care system in beautiful Oregon. BUT, Oregan gave Barbara another option. She was informed that her state-run health care plan would pay for her expenses for a doctor-assisted suicide, which is legal in that state. Hmmm, let's see. Terminal illness vs Suicide.

Praise God that Barbara had the Lord delivering her from that time of trouble when the state chose not to value her life. God did value Barbara. His son died for everyone!! (John 3:16) The pharmaceutical company that made that special drug provided, no wait, .... BLESSED..... Barbara with the medicine free of charge. What would become of Barbara had God not intervened through the pharmaceutical company? My point is this.... God is in control. He's still on the throne. No matter what be ahead of us, He will take care of you when nobody else will or if you can't afford to.

Does that mean nobody will die of cancer? No. But, He will be with you each step of the way, if you seek Him out as your Savior. He'll either heal you this side of heaven or when you're in heaven.

If that story doesn't convince you that govt-run health options (Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, Canada or Britain's Health System) is a bad idea, read Chapter 7 of "Liberty & Tyranny" by Mark Levin. It will put a lot of the puzzle pieces together for you. Did you know that Britain's dentists have quotas? Did you know that Medicare & Medicaid covers 86 million ppl (or a quarter of the nation's entire population)? Do you even understand Medicare & Medicaid?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


by Robin

WARNING: Pictures of bugs & snakes ahead

While we mostly enjoy sea life in our area of the world, we have a yard full of interesting critters. I never walk into the yard without stepping slowly by known snake crossings.


Black Racer in a cobra stance

I never walk into my shed without taking a peek before entering. I may find a new resident in there who's picked up on old chicken egg scent.


We keep snake ID books handy. You just never know when you may run into a Yellow Rat Snake or a Black racer. These next 2 photos are taken from an ID site (not mine). I confirmed that this is what is now living in my shed.
Creepy, huh?

Or open the garage door to wasps, black widows and Ox beetles crawling up the frame.


These are gentle giants, I think. See his cool Rhinoceros horn?


Who needs the zoo when I have a yard in Florida and a boat? I just hope that I never become part of the food chain.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We The People - from Thomas Paine

by Robin

I'm teaching a Civics/Constitution class this upcoming year to a class of homeschoolers. I may have opened my class with this video if it weren't for the one bad word at the end. Very inspiring to those of us who are sick of our representatives not representing us.

(Btw, I hope to be making a few more blogs in the near future. Sorry. I've been distracted w/ summer colds & upcoming musical for church.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Thou shall not lie
Thou shall not steal
Thou shall not kill
Exo 20

by Robin

We're getting wrapped up in a society where people game, Facebook, MySpace Twitter, blog, email while walking around city streets, and can call you from just about anywhere in the world on a iPHONE. We're losing our ability to have face-to-face relationships with people. We're missing special bonds that folks used to have when they sat out on their front porches and talked with their neighbors.

But, I think our love for instant communication via technology had made us start fibbing more. What? Follow me..... It is definitely easy to lie over an email. Easy to lie, even while linking, to create a blog. People lie regularly, even while reading a teleprompter.

So, I was thinking of that Veggie Tale movie the other day about the Fib. Remember it was little and then it grew as the character had to lie more to cover it up? Pretty soon, it became a Giant-sized Fib. I feel like Veggie Fibs are all around me. For example, years ago, I invited a friend over for lunch. She ended calling me minutes before she was suppose to show saying she had to run into the shower first and would be late. She was over an hour late and my lunch..... well, almost was ruined. Little did she know that I had seen her online a good while all morning. It hurt my feelings.

Anyhow, my point is that our fibs grow to bigger fibs (hey, let's just start calling them lies at this point) and eventually, if your heart grow callous to lying, you're apt to do other sins. Shoplifting is a huge problem in our modern-day society. And what is worse than stealing is the fact that many folks try to lie about it on top of that. If it weren't for security cameras, we'd never know the truth in many cases. I don't know about you, but I enjoy COPS for the sole purpose of seeing how ridiculous people get trying to lie about their obvious offenses.

And so the fib grows bigger and heart grows even more callous to where there is no remorse. Lying and stealing are petty events at the point. I knew that eventually, we'd get to where murderers would become callous to taking another's life. I'm not talking serial killers here. I'm talking about everyday folks. Your friends. Your spouses. Your nannies. Your grocery store clerks.

I heard a 911 call today of a boy who was calling for an ambulance for his friend who was shot. The 911 operator asked him how did it happen. The boy said, "I don't know, I just got here." The truth was later found out that he accidentally killed her after emptying the magazine out of a gun and one bullet was left in the chamber. He aimed, fired it and she died. A young teenage girl. But his voice........ he didn't stumble, stall or search for words. His lie rolled right off his tongue with ease & conviction.

In Australia this week, there was an appeal to the court system because of public outcry when a murderer got a 4 year sentence and only has to serve one year of it. This man watched his wife struggle and eventually die on the ocean floor and did nothing to help her out. And if that wasn't sick enough, he took a picture of her dead body on the ocean floor. When did we become so desensitized to death that a murderer only gets a year for taking another's life?

How about the couple in Pensacola where the husband and wife were gunned down, military-style in their own home. A group of suspects all knew these were great humanitarian folks, adopting 13 children with serious special needs, plus 4 bio kids of their own. What type of callous person(s) can do that? And for what? A safe filled with some kid medications, family documents and a little bit of jewelry. Really..... the lie these folks led, as they plotted to kill the folks they knew, all to steal something from them, to where murderering them WAS the plan.

Where did all the consciences go? Where is reason? Where is common decency? Where is even the criminal's code of ethics? C'mon - They are survived by SEVENTEEN children who are now orphaned!!!

Some wise Christians said, "If you will lie, you'll do anything." That seemed like an overstatement until I reasoned all that out. If you can densensitize yourself to one sin, then you'll eventually do it to more and more until it no longer seems wrong. This is why lying is a worse punishment in our household than any accident or behavior issue punishment.

Think of it this other way. If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water (hypothetically ONLY), he would try to climb out of the pot. BUT, if you put a frog in a tempid pot and turn up the heat slowly, he'll stay there until he is boiled. He doesn't realize he is in danger if he acclimates to the each change.

People, put down the technology and go take a meal to a sick friend. Go build relationships with new neighbor. Try being the real you, not the "you" who is hungry for the most comments. Not the "you" who needs to be "friends" with everybody on facebook. Not the "you" who can deal a verbal attack and then not have to face the person you just upset. Quit living in technology. Put down the Wii, joysticks, Blackberries and Nintendos. Start living in the real world. The real world where you have accountabilty and manners. People are 3-D with feelings and lives, not Sims characters. There is no RESTART button in real life. GAME OVER has with real tears & grief.

If this post speaks to you and your ready to change, ask Jesus to forgive you for what you've already done. Ask Him to lead your life in a new direction. Acknowledge that He went before you, on the cross, and died for your sin penalties. Now, you want to live a new life, with Him. If you're serious in your petition to Him, He will forgive you and give you salvation. He can give you new life and an abundant one at that.

Which frog are you? The one who wants OUT of the pot of boiling water or the one who will stay IN it and die.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

GARDEN REPORT - July heatwave

by Robin

For Christmas, my boys were given a gift called the Biblical Garden. I posted on it months ago when everything first came up, but nothing since. Well, it had some pros & cons. It was a great way to start seeds, but the peat moss was unsuitable for growth. We had to start over again with what seeds we had left but with good potting soil.

I'm so glad we did. Here is my Joseph's coat which would be an asset in any garden. I wonder why it hasn't had more appeal in America. Look at the amazing varigated color!!


Here is the view of the pot. In the background are young date palms which will eventually need to be split off as they grow. There was a 3rd seed but it fizzled out in the heat. In the front of the pot was some Flat-leaf Italian parsley which drooped over w/ size. I'll probably just snip that off.


Here is our main garden. I labelled it so I could go through each section.

A - Big boy tomatoes couldn't be salvaged w/ the bugs and some type of disease that started after that. Heat is also killing them. The tomatoes ripened but they're soft on the inside. Weird.

B - twig in air - Butterflies - catepillars are munching on the good green leaves. The good news is that there seemed to be less of them this year.

C - Zucchini squash died but it seems to be having a new growth spurt, so I left it. I wonder if I'll get anything out of it in the fall.

D - Cucumber vines are dying out. I only got 2 decent cucumbers out of my plants this year. I have a couple half pieces and strange round ones, but overall, I'm disappointed.

My Romas produced big time. The Heirloom tomatoes don't produce if nights are over 70 deg. So, I wasted time & space even putting them in. If they survive hurricanes & heat (they're over 5 ft high), I may get fall tomatoes which would be nice. We'll see. I also didn't get a single squash due to slugs eating all my fruit. The okra is happy & producing well.

Below, I lost more than half of my bell peppers. I've only gotten a couple to eat, but it looks like I have a nice 2nd wave coming along this month. Left center are 2 banana pepper plants. I have a couple coming along now. Right top corner is a sunflower plant, growing rapidly. Center left (low round green thing) is cucumber seeds that were composted and took off as plants accidentally. I'm leaving them. Maybe they'll survive the winter & produce for me next spring. Center right (somewhat hidden) are 4 watermelon plants. Lots of runners but no blooms or fruit yet. It may overtake the entire space by winter. I may let it too. Onions in the wall-side garden are slow growing but doing well overall.

These are my San Marzano & hot peppers. They are about to all be plowed under. It is a low producing bed, so I'm going to really work on composing, adding manure, fertilizing, whatever it takes before I put more in here for the fall. My hot peppers are in their 2nd season, so they will be killed off too. I'll put new ones there.


I have many seedlings started for the fall. I'm hoping that in 6 wks - 2 mo, we'll be primarily done w/ hurricane season and I can put them in the ground for early plantings.

Overall, I have to say that I feel the hard & late freezes in FL this year really put a hurting on the gardening this year. By the time my plants matured, the heat overtook some of them. While FL has 2 growing seasons, they're rather short. I'm beginning to believe that our Fall season is actually the better of the 2 seasons. Of course, the plants love the longer days, but it helps to have them well-established as the light hits & before the heat comes. My cherry tomato production was WAAAAY down because T.S. Fay flooded out all my fall babies. I had to start fresh in the new year.

The next pictures will show things plowed under & gaps in certain areas.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Young Guns

by Robin

We had friends over on Tuesday. It was part rehearsal for a church skit/musical that the boys are in, but it was also part pool-time fun. These guys were so great to have over. There was not a single disagreement between any of them. It was a great way to spend a morning.


Here they are showing off their "guns". Men will be men!! :o)


Our musical is the Boomerang Express one from Lifeway Ministries. Our performance is Aug 2nd and after that, we go scalloping!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm feeling very historic & patriotic after 4th of July.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

History - Part 2

by Robin

I'm in the midst of a very good read if you happen to be a Conservative, Constitutionalist or Republican, and maybe even a Libertarian. I'm not sure where Democrats may fall with this read. Of course, if you're a Statist, you're going to want to burn every copy you see.

But I digress...... The book is "Liberty and Tyranny" by Mark Levin who happened to be on the Glenn Beck show this week. My friends already had a copy on their bookshelves they loaned to me. This book works perfectly with it being the 4th of July weekend.

I'm loving a lot of quotes from former Presidents & writers of the Constitution & Declaration of Independance. Very cool history stuff. Things you won't find in textbooks when teaching your kids.

Pg 34 - In Sen. Barry Goldwater's Rep nomination for President, 1964 acceptance speech...
"those who elevate the state and
downgrade the citizen
must see ultimately a world in which
earthly power can be substituted for Divine Will,
and this Nation was founded
upon the rejection of that notion
and upon the acceptance of God
as the author of freedom."
Thank you God, ultimately, for my freedom!!!!
Thank you all service men and women and families for your sacrifice for freedom in the US!!!
Thank you Jesus for my freedom from condemnation through your sacrifice on the cross.
Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


by Robin

Today's word is Statist. Defined first in 1946, becoming more popular after F.D. Roosevelt's term, so sometimes neo-Statist is a term used for modern day statists.

What is it?
Statists tend to favor a great deal of government control over individual behavior and over the economy. That's why defines "statism" as "any social or political system in which state intervention plays a major role." The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines it as a "concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government.

"This belief in government power doesn't necessarily make statists undemocratic. Many statists believe government represents the collective will of the people, and they usually argue that a powerful government is necessary to build a better society. As noted, "supporters of statism argue that [government power] ultimately benefits the individual himself, since the public good involves the personal good of the maximum number of individuals.

"Statists support far less individual liberty than any other political ideology. Statists tend to distrust the free market, advocate centralized planning of the economy (including high taxes, strict regulation of business, and even government ownership or control of major industries), oppose "alternative" lifestyles that go against the beliefs of a majority of citizens, and downplay the importance of civil liberties.

In short, statists consistently doubt that economic liberty and individual freedom are necessary, practical, or workable in today's world. Some statists call their political beliefs populism, socialism, or communitarianism. At the extreme, undemocratic end of the statist spectrum, statism also encompasses communism, fascism, and other forms of totalitarianism.

If this definition makes you think of somebody in particular in politics currently, feel free to browse the link below.
Click here