Friday, July 31, 2009


by Robin


I know this is a pretty common occurance in many households across the entire world, but for me...... yes, for me..... it will be my first time having it in my house. Tomorrow. Yes, at 12:10 am, but be little boy becomes a teenager.

I'm not ready. He's already looking at me eye to eye. I'm not ready for this. Somebody stop the earth from rotating for me, please?


Ok wait.... I can't ask that. Because Sunday is a very important day for a friend who get her newly adopted children on Sunday. So, ok.... the world can keep revolving for her sake. We want those babies to come home.

But for me..... I miss the days when my boys were babies and they made me slow down to rock them in a chair for an hour. I miss watching baby cartoons. I miss the days when they wanted to climb on me & stick like glue when they got sick. I loved wrapping their little bodies up while kissing their foreheads.

Oh well,..... I will have to settle for hugging kids the same size as me. I will have to settle for being the mom of a teenager.

Oh goodness, I just thought that I've only got a few more years left before he drives. I have to go lie down and stop thinking about this. LOL.



Sharie said...

Ohhh, LOVE that top pic of him!! What a great photograph of such a handsome almost-teenager! Welcome to the club. It's scary, I tell ya!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday M..and TAG you're it.. HA, Ha!

Having teenagers is a blast. You've got a great son there :o)