Tuesday, August 25, 2009


by Robin

I had a post on Tiki last week, so now I have to be fair to Captain. Captain is a border collie in a giant 14 lb chihuahua body. He's intense with constant focus on food, beating me to my next step, and arriving to the level of my face or lap as quickly as he can. He can jump like a kangaroo and he loves a good squeaker toy. He will squeeze between my legs and the kitchen cabinets and wait patiently for anything to fall.

But, when he's not busy being intense, the boy knows how to chill. If Jack or I get on the couch, he will jump 90mph onto the couch and body slam (literally) himself over and into the wedge between our bodies & the couch. It's comical. For what he lacks in 5 lb ferocious cuteness that Tiki has, he makes up for it with humoring us and having a sincere heart.

Andrew taught him to lay on his back and now, that's how he sleeps. If he wants to invite Tiki to play, he throws himself on the tile, on his back, and wiggles back & forth. I love this picture. Who can sleep through having their toes licked? Ack!


Late at night, I look down and there he is, nestled on his back and his deep brown eyes staring up at me. Tiki loves Mamma because he gains more by doing so (sort of a selfish chihuahua), BUT, for Captain, Mamma holds the sun, moon, and stars. His life would fall apart without Mamma.


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