Saturday, September 19, 2009

GARDEN - Sept update

by Robin

I know that the New England area is expecting a freeze tonight but here in FL, we're still in the midst of serious heat. The whole thought of putting in a garden has been unappealing to me this month. I'm waiting on the hurricanes that never seem to come. Hurricanes can damage plants but they also water tenderlings. We've had a couple vacations in 2 months and one more to go. Plus, the distraction of Tuesday co-op school has been good and bad. I have accountability there, but it also gives me the free license to let everything else fall by the wayside. Not good.

So today, inspite of having a gallbladder attack and now fasting w/ apple juice only for a cleansing process, I still had enough energy to go out there and play in the big garden. I had some jalapeno, serrano and roma tomato seedlings that have been waiting on me, too.

It felt so nice after an hour or so. Things were pulled. Things were caged. Seeds were planted and seedlings transplanted. My goal was to put all my important stuff into Garden #1 which will be sustained through the winter with a sprinkler system AND a giant-sized tarp for when the freezes come. My other gardens tend to sit for the winter. (or at least that is my plan this winter)

The good news is that all the hard work will pay off in a couple weeks as I see new veggies break through the ground. Hopefully our less-humid days will be here. My cherry tomato plants are blooming so maybe I'll have some cherry toms for my salads by then. One seed that I didn't have any extra of was bunching onions. That is on my list to still plant. I'm very sad that my row by the house never produced very well. I think it may have to do with some chihuahuas walking all over them, hunting lizards.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

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