Sunday, September 6, 2009


by Robin

It's been a while since I put anything up here, so here's a quick update.

I had a big blog Wednesday about consistency, or lack-there of, but then I couldn't decide on my wording, was I in open rebellion about what I felt?, would I cause a stumbling block?, etc. so, it is still sitting and waiting for me to do something. I think I'm going to continue sitting on it until God sorts that out with my heart.

In the meanwhile, I have some nice pics on the camera that I will upload tomorrow. I'm cleaning off the camera to get it ready for our mini-vacation down to the Keys. Key West to be specific. Jack was born there and so we want to visit many of the old houses his family & relatives lived in and plus see some cemetaries to snap shots of headstones of past family members. It's crazy to think they actually buried people on Key West given it is so near sea level, but that's another story. We're biking all over the island, as Jack did in his youth. We're also going to marina that his grandfather used to dock at. Supposedly, at one time, he was a local record-holder for one of the billfish species.

I'll come back with plenty more things to share, I'm sure. I already know the trip will not be long enough, but I'm grateful for what we'll get to see. This is a trip down memory lane for my sweetie. It will be bitter-sweet.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everybody!

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Deborah said...

Hey Robin!
It was good to visit your blog and see the happy happy Birthday pictures, and get back in touch. Please keep blogging - I bet the Keys pictures are really beautiful.

I, too, long for the Peace of Christ in my home after a very busy summer. I wonder sometimes if He is teaching me to seek Him out and choose what is important in the midst of business and experience His peace within, in order to give that peace to others around me, dispite our busy schedule.

Love you!