Friday, October 2, 2009


by Robin

I had planned on blogging about this mother & son riding their bikes to school -- illegally, but then distraction after distraction, I never got around to it. Read it for yourself if you want. Your freedoms are being taken away from you every day.

But, then it was lunch time and our priorities changed. We had some black sea bass from Monday's fishing trip that needed cooking. So, I pan-fried that for us. The french fries are always Andrew's suggestion for a vegetable. I didn't have the energy to fight him on that today.


I'm cooking fish when the kids went to let out the dogs & check on their pet frogs. A snake happened to be crossing in front of the outer porch door when he was walked on by Captain, the bigger chihuahua. The snake made a near-miss strike and ran into our porch to escape the dogs who are now outside. WELL, I couldn't have this!! The porch is the next step to having a snake in the house. So, with guarded steps, we reopened the porch door & let the dogs back in to sniff out the snake. I ran back inside the safety of our house and locked the sliding glass door. I took these pics from behind the glass.


Maybe the locks were a little unnecessary, but.........not entirely if you knew Andrew. He would be totally humored by letting a snake into the house for the day. (Ignore my ironing board out there. LOL Find the snake tail instead. It's between the dogs' heads.)


So our little chihuahua, Tiki, is the better hunter and he found the snake first behind the skimboards. He actually bit the snake on the tail once. Now, if they could only learn to chase it out, not run in front of the snake as it is moving to keep it cornered.


The good news is that the snake knew where all the holes were in the screen and he escaped w/o harm. The dogs are fine. And the homeschool cafeteria returned onced again to a place of conversation & eating.


The hole is just to the right of that umber-colored post. See it? It looks more white than the other areas.

Have a blessed weekend. We're heading out tonight to Titus Nights which is when historic Titusville ropes off a couple city blocks and invite families to have fun in a wholesome way. Our church's Youth Praise Band is playing at 6:30 & 8:30. At 9:30, a mass choir of combined churches will be singing. How cool is that??

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You and your SNAKES!