Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

by Robin


There is something about Tuesday school that makes this boy study much harder & much later than when I teach him at home. It also doesn't hurt that he absolutely loves his Physical Science class.


Luke said...

Great picture!


Sharie said...

I love this picture!!! The expression!

Isaac is taking Physical Science this year too. Are you guys doing it at a co-op? (we're not)

Robin's Reports said...

Yes, we are enjoying a Tuesday school co-op for Excellence in Writing, Apologia's Physical Science, Civics and Spanish. They push themselves so much harder than when we're at home and yet, I'm still in control of the testing & grading. Every Tuesday, he attends a group lab. A few things are better in a group setting. In my Civics class, we have debates, role-playing, & mock legislatures. They eat that stuff up. I can't speak Spanish, so even though they've had Rosetta Stone Spanish, they get to use their spanish more in a classroom setting.

Take care. Thanks for the nice comments.