Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yes..... we garden in October. Infact, I put out a bunch of seeds today. I've swapped around many things with Fall and eventually, frost in mind.

In short, here's what I did....

Thyme got put in a pot. I no longer worked where it was. I have rows of Okra, hot peppers and sweet bell peppers. I have 2 huge cherry tomato plants in the cage. I had a lot of "something" seed itself in the garden when we had the wind. I did a lot of careful small raking. I made some discoveries. Notice the fencing surrounding the whole garden. I was forced to do that to keep some diggers out of my garden!!

I have my first cherry tomato coming. Yeah! This is not only excitement for the fall, but if these bushes survive frost (which they probably will), I will have a HUGE output in the spring as the days lengthen again.

Many of the Roma tomato seeds I squeezed out in a line have finally broken ground. They are dead center of the picture. The other little green things are whatever weed that seeded itself with last month's wind. It's everywhere in my main garden.

I found some baby basil, which is awesome. I lost all my big basil with the heat in August.

Garden #2 has been planted today. Because this garden is unable to be covered for frost times, I chose my veggies carefully. They were either picked because they grew quickly or because they wouldn't be affected by the cold. I planted carrots, bunching onions, lots of lettuce varieties (spikey, purple, greens), and lots of spinach.

Garden #3 will sit empty 'til January. I'm not happy with that area right now. Soil, sunlight, etc.

Have a blessed weekend.

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