Sunday, November 29, 2009


by Robin


It really was a lovely & restful holiday other than having two kids down with colds. I did enjoy the extra time to hang around the house & declutter. Of course, my office/school room was the only room not to get purged and it is the room I desperately needed it in. Oh well.....

Gee, I'm getting rather slack on holiday pictures this year. I think it has to do with bad batteries in the good camera. I ordered a new set which should be here any day now. (

I can't ever explain what "moves" me to photograph sometimes. It either has to be humorous, beautiful, artsy or delicious. For me, these asparagus fell under artsy & delicious.


My entire Thanksgiving meal could have been this entire pan of asparagus and I would have been happy. They were more than delicious. Pencil-thin, drizzled w/ EVOO, salt & pepper. Left to sweat overnight. Pan-"fried" with some Smart Balance. Half a lemon's worth of juice at the very end. Melt in your mouth & drool over your keyboard GOODNESS.


This one, is much harder to explain. Things were still coming off the stove. I had a good representation of every color on the table eventually. But for me, I rather liked these earthy colors at the moment of the pre-dinner rush. Those sweet potatoes were also delicious. Jack made lemon-pepper chicken because Turkey & Ham aren't on the menu here for various reasons. I looked for individual Cornish Game hens but couldn't find any the night before T-day. My bad. For me, my eye still goes to the little praying boy & girl who are giving thanks for their meal. Sometimes I want to leave these out all year long. They give me the warm & fuzzy feelings of what the holidays are about. I should always approach the table with a thankful heart and remember those who aren't so fortunate to have such bounty.

I didn't get a single picture of us humans or the full spread of food. We stayed in our pjs, so nobody wanted their pictures taken. Captain was the only one to let me photograph him in his full splendor of a full-belly and deep in sleep during the Deal or No-Deal marathon.

Simon Peter wanted to weigh himself before and after eating to see if he gained weight. He tried to challenge us, but I said, "No thanks sweetie. That's not my idea of fun, but you go ahead if you want to." Kids are so funny.

Well, back to the grind tomorrow.


Renee said...

I think praying boy is eyeing your sweet potatoes.

The asparagus looks yummy. I feel the same way about mashed potatoes mixed with green beans. I could eat only those and be so very happy.

I can relate to Tiki too. I think I was in the same pose Thurs night.

Much Love!

Angela said...

Those asparagus really are gorgeous! What's the part about leaving them out overnight? Do you literally leave them on the stovetop?

The color is beautiful! Wish we had that available here all year round. Our wintertime asparagus is not worthy of the name!

Love and hugs to you guys!

Courtney Imbert said...

Very nice! I love the moo-cow belly on your dog. It looks like my white dog's belly (though hers is all pink). I bet it's so soft.