Saturday, November 28, 2009

You Wouldn't Cry

At 5 am, a friend of mine went to be with the LORD. I was searching for some music this morning to give me comfort. I'm sad yet I'm also happy for Fredericka. She spent at least 3 yrs, bound by a stroke that took her memory, her voice, her mobility, her independance in every way. I'm not sure she recognized me when we visited but she enjoyed music. She lived in a hospital bed for THREE YEARS! Before that, she lived in a wheelchair for years, as diabetes has taken both her legs. She'd show up to church each week, dressed beautifully. She always sat in the front. Always had a smile. I would always seek her out for a kiss and hug.

I picked out this video because the title caught my eye, but the story stole my heart. It is a story of a death of a newborn. I never suffered a miscarriage or loss of a child, but it still was worth every minute of my time to watch the testimony and hence, the birth of Mandisa's new song, "You Wouldn't Cry." It is written from the perspective of your loved one in heaven.

Entire story at length (32 min) - song starts at 29 min.

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