Thursday, December 3, 2009


by Robin

We had an early ortho appt this morning. Simon Peter is still in transition with teeth and every 6 mo he goes in to see if we're ready or not for braces. Anyhow, I absolutely love this place. Not only does it feel like I've gone back to Key West for an hour, but the staff smiles. Everything is digital!

Simon Peter walks in to "sign in" but there is no paper & pen. He puts his index finger on a finger pad, a laser scans it and his face pops up on the computer screen. I tell ya, he's a regular James Bond in this office. ;o)

Then, he gets x-rayed quickly. No complaints. In and out in SECONDS! On to the examination room. He settles into the chair and she clicks a few buttons on a computer screen and his x-ray is ALREADY THERE!! No developing or films or nothing!

A quick exam, diagnosis that he's still not ready, he pulls Simon Peter's loose tooth and we're out of there. See ya in 6 months. And like clockwork, an email will come to me to set up an appointment. I'll set that up by phone. Then, I'll get another email to remind me & click to confirm his appointment. WOW, WOW, WOW.....

If only the rest of the healthcare world could model themselves after Dr. Barlow's office. Think of all the money & time they are saving without the paperwork trail left behind. It is one of the, if not THE, most efficient offices I've ever been in.

I am really going to enjoy having them as our orthodontist provider for both boys over a few years.

Do you think Congress would set a few of those healthcare dollars aside for modernizing the medical world? Since "red tape" and fraud seem to be so burdensome in Medicare & Medicaid, why don't they go "state of the art"? Let the computers track the patients & monitor the abuse! (just a thought anyhow)

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