Saturday, December 19, 2009


by Robin

This year, I set the record straight that I would not be getting on the roof. No way. No how. I've done this two years in a row and did not feel I had the strength nor agility to do it this year.

I spent a short visit in the hospital in November for my back pain and am currently in physical therapy for this month for my reoccuring bursitis/rotator cuff issues. I have no idea how I did this originally, but it flares up ever few years because of the 1001 things I do every day.

So, with that said, the boys agreed to help me string lights at a low level. Jack was so surprised when he got in from work. (And maybe a tad happy that he didn't have to deal with tangled lights.)

(Forgive the "Ford Tough" t-shirt. We're really Chevy people. LOL)

I hope to post up some pictures from our Lego League wins this past weekend. I have good news to announce.

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Sharie said...

Oh, come on! Stringing lights in shorts and a t-shirt?? No fair! Of course, my kids had fun sled riding today in our first snow! (but I'd rather be in summer clothes any day!)