Friday, December 18, 2009


by Robin

Last Thursday, I found myself with a free day. You know, one of those calm days before the storm hits. Days of being out of the house. Days of being obligated to bring food somewhere. Days of being on your feet for hours.

So, we called it a "Snow" Day with homeschooling and baked cookies & treats. I needed a day to bond with the boys as a Mom and not as a teacher. They were so sweet to carry all the heavy groceries for me. We got sacks of flour & sugar. Enough butter to grease a pig. Food coloring, mint chips, mini-chips, nuts,.... you get the picture.


Here is my handsome hand model again. He love to roll out dough. Maybe it is the engineer in him.

They both helped with the decorating. "Andrew" was put on task of helping me with other cookies in the beginning.

Not the sharpest photo, but you can get an idea of the creations they made.

Here was Andrew's first batch. Green-colored ranger cookies w/ mint chocolate chips in them. We liked that so much, we made a red batch as well.

To save on time, I did not post up our delicious peanut butter fudge, granola-fruit bars nor the thumb print cookies.

I still have some leftover ingredients so we'll probably have another baking-fest this weekend.

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