Wednesday, December 23, 2009


by Robin

...... is awarded to me. I should have posted these pictures up 2.5 weeks ago when Team Thunderbricks was awarded the Championship/ Director's Choice award at their last competition.

Let me brag just a moment.......... when they come into competitions, they're celebrities of the Lego world. Folks from last year recognize them. They take turns being the Lego Brick in costume and get photographed. They are ambassadors of gracious professionalism and good conduct for mentoring young Lego kids.

Folks new from this year, see them as organized, cool, collected James Bonds of Legoland. In their minds, if they could, they'd order their sodas shaken, not stirred. Then, they would spray them on the competition as they walked away with all the trophies in the Victory Circle. Yet, they don't. They're very humble. Thankful. Sometimes shocked at their own greatness.


As a Mom, I find them brilliant. They make geek look fashionable. They make intelligence look stylish. I wish I had the clear vision they have when I was their age. They thrive on missions. They stay cool under a stop watch. They have great chemistry and brotherhood. They have high tweenager energy channeled in the right direction by a great husband/wife coaching team. Bless them for having the patience to sit through jokes, physical rough-housing, and hormones; yet, instill knowledge and FLL values upon young men.

Our team also took first in Research, Teamwork, Technical and Robot Performance (that's a clean sweep for those who understand the scoring). Their top performance score was a 300 out of 400.


However, they're only allowed 2 trophies per competition, so they were able to take home the Championship one and the Research one. (I'm missing a team member below, so I had an honorable fill-in.)


The trophies were made out of Lego kits, glued onto a wooden base with a placard attached.

Congratulations guys!! You're going onto Regional at the end of January.


Sharie said...

woo-hoo!! Way cool! It's so great they have something like this to participate in.

Great job guys!

Angela said...

Great job boys! And you are NOT the worst at anything, lady! You rock!

Merry Christmas to you guys!