Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Robin

I've been holding off posting because I've been looking for a video. We saw this on Sunday night as we joined THOUSANDS of others at First Baptist of Orlando for a Haiti relief effort. The New Missions team was down there handing out Christmas shoeboxes last week. Because their team had Melony McKay, from z88.3 radio and Christina Webb from Ch 13 news on the teams, everything was being documented.

They are in the middle of an interview when the earthquake hit. Get your kleenexes out. Get your checkbooks out. New Missions lost 50% of their buildings. They've been in Haiti for 27 years. They love the Haitians, having clothed, fed and educated them through two generations.

Here is Tim DeTellis speaking about their ministry back in 2008. This is a set up to the video below.

I cannot find this on YouTube as of yet. The only place it is posted is on Facebook. This is the video we saw that ripped my heart out. Do you have your kleenex ready?

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