Saturday, January 30, 2010


by Robin

When we don't fish, we're hard at work in our school books. This year has been such a challenge with going the co-op for homeschoolers. It has pushed us well beyond our comfort zone, right into high school work.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Simon Peter is meeting that challenge and loves his physical science class. This past month, the former chemical-engineer mom has been teaching the class. I've really enjoyed sitting in and seeing her advance the class. (Pray for me.... my time for teaching is next!)

Normally, Simon Peter does his work independantly, but he was stumped with this one. This problem.......... oh did it kick our rears!


It has been so many years since I even saw or thought about Newton's Laws of Motion. I had to peek into the teacher's answers and work back from there. Eventually, we drew enough pictures, kept turning our characters around & changing direction and then got it right. Wow.


I don't know if I'm more proud of me or him. I thought giving birth and raising kids had fried my brain, but come to find out, it's still there.

Btw, I highly recommend Apologia for your high school science needs. They are very thorough.


Sharie said...

Uh oh! Isaac is only on Module 4... is that what I have to look forward to in a few weeks??

Karen said...

I'm proud of both of you. Looks all Greek to me.