Saturday, January 9, 2010


by Robin

Who would have thought, with global warming & all, that we'd get some sleet half way down the state of Florida?

You have to look hard. This isn't Buffalo or Canada......



This is the most snow/sleet I've seen since moving to this area 7.5 years ago.

My Dad tells me that a polar bear was spotted in TN eating a person.

PS: Do you get my joke?

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Angela said...

LOL that's a lot of sleet for Florida!

We were totally iced in for a day, but some of us had to go to work ANYWAY and risk life and limb on our local roads. Things were fine (salted/sanded) down by my office, but not up here by the house. Ugh. Thankfully I made it safely. Our driveway was a real adventure though!