Friday, February 5, 2010


by Robin

What can I say? Life happens. Swine flu descends upon households. Ours is no different. Poor Jack has been very sick since earlier this week.

Meanwhile, life goes on for the boys and I. It seems like we've been busy for months, honestly. I just keep praying for strength through the next couple months and then we're on break. I've promised myself the summer off from teaching. No choreography for summer musicals at church either. No Lego League or homeschool meetings. Nothing that holds me down. I want to wake up every day and put on a bathing suit instead of regular clothes. I want sunblock to be the new makeup. Fixing my hair will consist of 1 rubber band. I want to be barefoot or in flip-flops for months. I want to soak in the sun. I want to play at the beach. I want to fish when Jack is off work. I want to pick fresh veggies 10 feet off my back porch & enjoy cooking again. I want.......... Margaritaville without the margaritas, although fruit smoothies would work.

Anyhow, Jack caught me staring out the window and dreaming my little perfect dream. He asked me, "What's wrong?"
I had nano-seconds to decide whether to say "nothing" or tell him the truth. You know how we women are. We don't want to share or seem like we can't handle it all. We let pride get the best of us and then we're unhappy when we take the world upon our shoulders. So, I went for it.

"I'm unhappy." I said. He stared at me, probably frozen by the fear of what I meant by that. So I continued. "I need to get out for a couple hours. Away from the boys. Away from swine flu. Away from chores. I don't need another country. I need to run errands by myself. Please."

Now, let's think about this rationally... I put 'please' after asking to run errands by myself. It's a little strange, but that's where my sanity was in the moment.

Jack readily agreed and I was on my way. I shopped for Turbotax, birthday gifts for a sleepover tonight and a couple small impulse bargains. I cannot lie. That Kit kat at the checkout totally called my name, aloud, in a thick French accent,... and in the privacy of my car, I ate the entire thing. I haven't eaten any serious amount of chocolate since Halloween (which led to my fibromyalgia attack, swelling in my lower back, throwing a disk out and putting me in the hospital with severe pain, then physical therapy). I have to say, it was sooooo delicious. How I missed chocolate, but I digress....

I ran another couple errands before making it back home less than two hours later. I felt totally refreshed and ready to tackle the next couple of months. I can do this. Spring is just a month away and summer is only two. (LOL - FL humor) Testing is at the end of April. Co-op school lets out in early May. Yes... I'm just a few months away from my summer plans.

I'm just a few months away from my summer plans.

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