Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enough Nature pictures!!

by Robin

About 10 days ago, our neighbor, R, graduated and had her party. It was a lot of fun to attend because it involved a POOL!!! ha ha. (Oh! and corn hole)

I managed to escape being documented at the party (LOL), but I copied this photos of my guys on R's facebook page.

Andrew found his niche' with all the graduates. He was their... um... mascot. They swung him so hard into the pool that he first went over 10 ft airborne over the pool, almost flying back into cement on the other side and caused his Mama to scream at the thought of seeing her baby die.
Those big boys didn't realize that Andrew is only about 60 lbs.

This was their alternative fun with their little buddy.

At the risk of embarassing Jack, I really wanted to show you this funny picture of him. It looks like he is walking on water. He really *is* like Jesus. LOL.

Ok, well that is my fun for today. Let's see if I can make it 3 blogs in a row tomorrow.

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