Thursday, June 10, 2010


by Robin

Man!! We eat very good at this house inspite of my dietary restrictions. For those of you unaware, I suffer from fibromyalgia and the best cure I've found it by removing all dairy from my diet and most meats. I do eat fish and love a chicken wing from time to time. Occasionally, an egg will slip onto my salad and I devour it. Whenever I get into dairy, my joints hurt. I feel storms coming. I feel every little bit of swelling in my body.

Jack has high cholesterol and is unable to continue taking his cholesterol-lowering meds. So, we have become creative with our menus.

Like these are soy-ribs.

NOT........ ok, he slips up a bit more than me for Memorial Day weekend. But mostly red meat is OUT.

We grill a lot of vegetables and create our own dipping sauces to exclude milk or cheese.


Here's a close-up.

These were scrumptious!! My only warning is to be careful to rip them as you go. Eat in sections! Jack put an entire one in his mouth and it got caught in the esophagus. Can you say near-Heimleich moment?

We've also created a grilled squash that is to die for. People eat it like candy. Forget potato chips! You can't have just one.

Have a great week!! (VBS is next week and I'm getting excited!)

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