Wednesday, June 23, 2010


by Robin

Seems like spiders are popping up in the strangest places, every single day. I've killed a hand full of black widows in our garage and in my shed. YIKES!! A couple weeks ago, we came across these two love birds. I don't know which species they were, but they build their web right on a pair of goggles.


Upon closer inspection (imagine all 4 of us staring at this little web), we realized it was two spiders. Then, when I went to break the web, we found one of the spiders to be dead and the other to be quite alive.

My guess is that the female had killed her husband and was going to eat him for nutrition to grow babies in her huge abdomen.

Ugghhhh, I really don't like spiders. I'm not afraid of them, per se, but there are just way too many of them around here for my liking. Last year about this time, I was bitten on my chin by something most likely in the spider family. My skin melted away and I was left with a nice scar (to this day). Life would be fine for me without them. (Was the politically incorrect?)

Have an awesome Wednesday!

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