Friday, June 11, 2010


by Robin

I forgot to photograph all the cherry tomatoes turning red this week!! And I need to retake a new overall garden photo. Here are some close-up shots.

The onions are nearing their picking time. The white onions WAY out-performed the red onions. I don't know if it was soil conditions or not. They seem to be growing out of the ground. It doesn't seem to bother them.

I have a handful of Roma tomatoes coming along. For whatever reason, my big tomato plants seem stunted by the shading of sunflower plants. I hope they will survive the summer heat and take off in the fall.

We're eating sweet bell peppers regularly. This one is turning red. Today it was almost fully red.

I made jalapeno poppers one night. (Halves, filled with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon)
Jalapenos are the bigger ones, and the skinny ones are serrano peppers. I believe they are even hotter.

And what in the world is this on my cilantro and dill????

More story to come on the catapillars.

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