Thursday, June 17, 2010

VBS week

by Robin

Part of raising up fishermen for Christ is attending and working VBS. I think I'm in my 9th year of being a part of this yearly tradition in many churches across this nation.

Simon Peter is too old for it and we don't have a youth version, so he has volunteered his energy to the recreational team. In short, he picks up cones, catches balls and places children in their right positions. He's a good man for the job because he is always so encouraging and he has tons of energy. He has a good sense of age-appropriateness and willingness to serve. He is one of my VBS heroes this year.

Andrew is the 4th grade class and enjoys every aspect of VBS, even though he at a much deeper level of understanding the Bible than others around him. For him, it is about the socialization. He likes to be friends with everybody, which can be very useful in God's kingdom. He has serious leadership skills and he's learning the ins & outs of relationships. I'm very proud of all that he is and will become. Two of his teachers came to me (separately) last night and said that he corrected the main teacher giving the Bible lesson. Basically, the teacher said that everyone goes into eternity and there is heaven waiting for them if they do their ABC's (Accept, Believe, Confess). Andrew skipped to the next level in Revelations and insisted there was a New Heaven and New Earth coming up. So true, young wise one........ but we had a life lesson on learning not to correct teachers and confusing the lessons for new children.

I have been working in the kitchen, handing out children's snacks and eating way too much VBS worker's food. It's a great job. ha ha. Tuesday night, I was in the nursery with two toddlers. While I enjoyed that to some degree, I certain was a clock-watcher those entire 2.5 hrs. It would be much easier if we could get out and sit in on some of the activities, but when I tried that, they saw their parents and the tears started again. I'm so thankful to whomever created Bubble wands. It stops tears almost instantly.

Next week, I hope to get back on the blogging trail and get back to summer relaxing.

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Courtney Imbert said...

I miss doing VBS in the summers when I was in college! It was great fun.