Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GARDEN REPORT - July heat!!!

by Robin

I was hoping to do something like a Wordless Wednesday but it's not going to happen this Wednesday.

We're in that phase where we're having unbearable heat yet very little rain the past couple weeks. That last time it rained heavy was 4th of July. I try not to water much, but I have seedlings in the garden, so I do hit those almost daily.

Pictured below is mostly my herb & pepper portion of the garden. Oregano and tarragon are growing like weeds. I had 3 of each of them started from small pots this spring. So, I transferred a couple of them into pots and lined my pool steps with them. Love that!! The little pots are chocolate-peppermint starters that I plan to give away for the holidays. I also cleaned up this entire area and planted cilantry, flat-leaf parsley, basil, dill and bunching onion seeds.


Below is the right side of the garden. All the spring stuff was pulled and some of it is still empty dirt waiting for fall/winter plants. I did put in some canteloupe seeds from some fruit I bought at the store. They just began blooming. I'm hoping that by the time the hurricane rains hit, they'll be filling baby canteloupes with plenty of water. The bush beans are stressed from the heat. My old variety of cherry toms are doing their normal heat stress, dead by August. But the new variety in the back, bred for heat, seems to be green & healthy but producing very little tomatoes. Hmmm... I'll probably pull some of the worse ones as I put in the new plants.

Here are my new potted herbs. They're so healthy!! My other purpose in doing this is that if we have hard freezes, I can pull the pots in and save some stuff.

Have a blessed day!


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Very Beautiful. A walk around your garden could get you into a very nice frame of mind!

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