Friday, July 16, 2010


by Robin

Sometimes life brings your little surprises that turn into wonderful memories & moments. A few weeks ago, I got an email from a college friend who said she was in my area the next few days, and was I available. Sure. A couple, then few days went by and I figured I had missed my chance.

I got home one morning from getting our testing results and there was a message on my voice mail. It was her! I called them back and they were practially around the corner from my area. I was never so thankful to have a partially cleaned house, well-stocked pantry and a bra on. LOL. (C'mon..... you've been there too ladies.) I invited them to the house for lunch and it was non-stop talking the moment they arrived. The kids were fast friends as well.

Cathy and I met the first day of college in the lunch line. We were roomates twice in our college careers. We stood next to each other in our graduation ceremony. She attended my wedding and I was in her wedding a few months later. I passed down lots of nursery items to her. We visited each other as much as possible through the past 20+ years. An hour or so was not enough time to catch up even though we're FB friends and email buddies. I wish I could have spent days with them instead of head off to VBS and them to Kennedy Space Center. But, we make the most of life and cherish these sweet moments.

And I always make sure I get a picture of our visitors......


We love you guys!! Come again anytime!

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