Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh FEDORA, Where have you been all my life???

by Robin

My boys have & had birthdays this month. When given the opportunity to have a shopping spree, what do you think my Andrew picked out?? A Fedora hat. Two. It seemed like such a strange request for a soon-to-be 11 yr old. I thought about talking him out of it but reassured myself that the price of one would change his mind. Afterall, that would take away from toy money. Toys are what a tweenager wants.

But........ it didn't discourage him one bit.

When doing my routine shopping trip, he asked to look for a hat in one store. BINGO! We found the mother-load. He absolutely had to have the black pin-stripe hat. I saw the plaid one and thought that may dress up a casual jeans-type of outfit. Oh goodness, we had a dilemma. Two hats? A few minutes before, I didn't even want to pursue this and now, I wanted two, three, ....one for every day of the week.


And by golly, if he didn't wear it out of the store and home all day long. It's absolutely adorable. And then big brother gets his hands on the plaid one. And he wears it all day long.


Oh my........ what in the world did we ever do without a Fedora on our heads? It increases coolness. It increases the ability to detect a crime. It even helped Alabama's Bear Bryant win football games. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration.

Daddy even came home from work and seemed very impressed with such a cool, and mature, way to spend birthday money. I have to say that I'm impressed, too.

Have a blessed day.

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