Friday, October 1, 2010

Matthew 13:23

"The one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it."

Jesus explains in this Scripture that not everybody who hears the gospel will understand it and follow him, but I am thankful that the Holy Spirit prepared my heart to be good soil for when I heard His Word, I was able to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. I do not take credit for this. It is the great and mighty work of the Holy Spirit.


I only merely opened the door and let Him into my life. I have not ever regretted my walk with Jesus inspite of the attacks from evil in this world. Much like my sweet bell pepper in my garden, it is very happy in the soil that it has dug roots into. However, the snails try their best every day to attack the fruit on its branches. The start at the stem. If they can't break that off, they will gnaw at the skin until there is a blemish there. If I have done my job of protecting them with Seven dust, the snails are kept away and the fruit is able to grow.


Child of God, if you have received God's Word and are growing fruit, don't forget to put on your spiritual protection of prayer, studying the Bible, taking time to Worship Him and sometimes fasting.

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