Tuesday, January 25, 2011


by Robin

Recently, I put some sunflower seeds into my garden to attract bees in the spring. It worked wonderfully last year.


I save hundred and hundreds of seeds. Ok, so they're in the ground. The next day or two later, I see a squirrel out there. He's eating everything I laid down. I promise you, it is a perfect line of little holes he dug!!

I laid down more seed. He's eating those too. I put more seed down and laid some tomato cages on their sides over the seeds to discourage the little guy. Grrr. The squirrel found some more seeds.

What I have found to be my BEST squirrel deterrant is Tiki. He hates squirrels with a passion.
He keeps a sharp eye out for them.


He will literally sit in the garden to wait for Mr. Squirrel. He can track their scent and knows when one has been in the garden recently.


Sometimes they come from the other direction, behind the shed. You really can't fool Tiki. He *knows* squirrels and their noises. He will even follow them down the fence. He looks up in the trees for them.


He even has a white flagging tail for when he is all excited looking for squirrels. He's dove under the shed after them before. I don't know what happened but I heard dog screams. Then, more barking.


Either way, when I'm at my kitchen window and I see the squirrel eating my sunflower seeds, I say "Squirrel". Tiki comes barking and running to the back door. He's fast as lightening to get to the garden.

I do hope I have some seeds left in the ground to have plants this year.


Edited to add: I found a couple seedlings popped up this morning. Yeah!!!!!

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