Monday, January 24, 2011


by Robin

I have nothing earth shattering to write about except for a thought I had last week as I sat in the afternoon sun. It's January and everybody in the north is either in snow drifts or below freezing temps. It's not hot here but sunny enough to feel the warmth through my jeans & sweatshirt.

I was in one of those moods where I absolutely needed to feel the sun on my bones. When my joints hurt, there is no better remedy than to warm up. I don't think that makes me a reptilian, though that sounds funny just thinking it.


So, imagine this. I sitting there. The picture above is my view. Sun's out... I'm almost dozing off. Then, a cloud would come and it felt like the 60's again. Grrrr. Then, the sun would shine through and my world would warm up to 70 again. Ahhh.... back to a perfect-type of peace and relaxation. A few minutes later, another cloud would come and disturb my Utopian world of radiation exposure. Grrrr.

This cycle went on several times before it hit me that it felt very similar to my morning routine when I am rudely awakened by an alarm clock. Grrrrr. Then, I hit snooze and there is 9 minutes of bliss. Then, another rude awakening of repetitious beeping follow by a comatose walk across the room, hitting the snooze button and heading back to the warmth of the bed. Another 9 minutes of warmth and a semi-consciousness state of peace.

I guess this is why I live in FL. There are more days of total sun than clouds with sun. I love sun, the heat and humidity. I never complain about it because I LOVE it!! (unless the AC goes out for long periods of time)

Ok, I told you it wasn't deep. But, that was my revelation for the week. Over my shoulder, there was the garden. I took a picture of it since I had recently tilled over all the dead stuff. This is what is left after the 7 freezes this year. Herbs, onions, broccoli and a couple potted plants.


Have a blessed week!

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