Wednesday, March 30, 2011


by Robin So, I'm minding my business first thing in the morning and letting the dogs out for potty. I look over at the pool, which had been calling my name for it's spring cleaning and I spot a floating rodent. Squirrel. Nothing worse than waking up to floating squirrel in your pool. Poor little guy. My next thought was.... what do I do with it? Do I tell the kids? OF COURSE, I *HAVE* to tell the kids. They live for gross stuff like this. Afterall, Jack tells me to raise them like men and not like daughters. This is a perfect life situation for them to encounter and learn how to handle. So, I called them outside and they were eager to see what was in the pool. We've seen frogs, tadpoles, lizards, various bugs & beetles. But, I don't think they were expecting a squirrel. Their eyes got as big as dinner plates. And then, that scrunched up set of eyebrows looked at me. Thank you Lord for giving me instant wisdom. "Get the yellow bucket," I said. Photobucket From there, they skimmed the hardened corpse out of the water and into the bucket. They were very concerned that Mama opted to carry it through the house to get to the garage. Their plan was to dump it over the fence into the vacant lot next door. I had to remind them how bad dead fish smells in a couple days and so they agreed to go with my plan. Afterall, Mom has plenty of experience dealing with dead things. (Long job-related history, I will spare you.) Squirrely went out later that week with the garbage. He never did smell. We never did talk about him again after we told Daddy about it that night. I guess even squirrels have Darwin Awards for those that do ridiculous stunts that get themselves killed, including skinny-dipping in a frigid pool with no exit plan. Today, I heard what sounded like a squeaker toy behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see some frolicking squirrels which reminded me that life goes on. In another couple months, there will be another crop of nut-eating rodents in my yard, oblivious to the perils of their own actions. Photobucket Here is one that stayed frozen in fear on our window for over an hour. After we got him down, he fell asleep on the side of the house for a couple hours before leaving the area. Sigh. Robin

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