Friday, January 27, 2012


by Robin

Yes, that's right! Not snowboarding, but skimboarding. We have had a string of gorgous days in the low 80's. So, we planned over the weekend, to double-school on Wednesday and then take Thursday off. Friday, it was suppose to turn rainy, windy & cooler.

That's what we did!

Another family joined us in our plans. Sometimes we Moms need to get out of the house too and enjoy some surf fishing. I have found my fishing-homeschooling mom-music counterpart!! Even though we hardly catch a thing, we enjoy each other's company and the kids get along so well.

Oh, and I'm so thankful that pre-dawn trips to the beach, handling bait and getting wind-blown hair are all OK with her.

I would show you more pics of our day, but I don't have permission to put her kids up here publically.

God bless!

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Renee said...

Yesterday was so perfect. Love the M's. Love you!