Thursday, February 2, 2012


by Robin

Had a good harvest today in the garden.

We are eating broccoli weekly and even when I think I've picked it all, it grows right back like a weed. We were fortunate to have our first cauliflower come due today. The pictures does not do it justice. I have another small one that is developing, too.

My overall cauliflower production will be poor because I had some problems with those worms that eat the roots. (root maggots?) I may have only 4 or 5 left. Next year.... we'll kick butt.

My big tomato plant died for no good reason. Oh wait,... I know, it wasn't on the drip irrigation line and we've had no rain in what seems like months. These were ripening and so we'll enjoy them. However, I do have new big tomato plants that are growing in pots, under the drip irrigation. I think I saw buds developing on them. I want so badly to put them in the ground but am unsure if we're done with freezes or not. This weather is so beautiful. The plants are very confused.

My cherry tomato plants are producing like crazy. I have several ripe every day. This is just not normal for February. BUT, I will not complain. I prayed for God to spare my tomatoes this winter so I could have a HUGE production in the spring. I think my prayers have been answered.

I hope to install the 2nd irrigation system (fully) tomorrow afternoon. I have been "baking" nematodes for 2 wks and so it is ready any time now for tilling, irrigation and then seeds. I'm beyond excited at what this year will bring! I want to have plenty to put up in jars.

On a separate note (pun intended), I had my 2nd violin lesson this week. We had our Fiddler's Guild today. On Saturday, the kids go to a Historic village to play & work for tips. Two of them have upcoming ministry trips. Must. Earn. Cash!

All else is well on the home front. Schooling is booking along (I'm just filled with puns today!) Before long, it will be time for Spring Break, testing and then the last days of school. Yeah. Spring just flies by.

God bless,


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