Wednesday, March 7, 2012


by Robin

We're so fortunate to be in a county that has multiple dog parks. I like Marina dog park a lot. Beautiful view of the Indian River.

However, we discovered Fay Lake dog park when meeting a friend for a playdate with her son. SCORE! They have big & small dog enclosures.


Lots of seating, a picnic table on each side, water & water bowls provided for the dogs. They even provide you with the little baggies to pick up your dog's poo & dispose of it right away.


I'm thinking these are close to 1 acre lots, each. Our guys had a great time there while my teen was able to practice driving & parking, under Jack's supervision.


I had pictures of my dogs & their new doggie friends, but the camera batteries were glitchy and so I guess they weren't saved. My camera sure is getting glitchy. Maybe I should save up for another soon.

Socialize your pets! You don't want them to be like homeschoolers (ha ha).

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