Friday, March 30, 2012


by Robin

Today is our final day of Spring Break and I get to spend it cleaning the church with a few other friends. We're on a rotation schedule that was created months ago. Coincidentally, I felt the calling to work in the sign language ministry at church. Twice I have been on stage to sign the worship music. My vocabulary has to build more before I can interpret the sermons, but it is an honor just to be back serving after a year of rest.

Anyhow, I had a good little laugh, by myself in the garden, over the fact that on Sunday, I'm dressed pretty, on stage signing my little heart out for Jesus. Then, on Friday, I will be scrubbing some toilet bowls and sinks. I think it is good for those in high profile (visible) ministries to also do something humbling to keep them grounded. I have two friends from another church who both sing huge solos in front of thousands of people every month. But what many visitors don't know is that one does childcare for a living and the other chops veggies & cooks the Wed night dinner at church.

Why would God want to keep us so grounded? We want to be certain that we do not go from being righteous followers of Christ to self-righteous, selfish people. Even Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He is God. He is Savior. He is Creator of the heavens & earth. Yet, he washed dirty feet right before he ate his final meal. And he suggested that we all wash feet too. Cleaning toilets used by strangers is a lot like washing stranger's feet, in my opinion.

Thank you Lord for your provision over my life. Thank you for finding anything worthy in me to be used for Your purpose.


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